Tuesday 7 February 2023



Hello everyone it is creature day and this we have the Jewel Beetle, here in Australia we have a treasure trove of jewel beetles, in many colours including red, blue, spotted and iridescent ones. In fact there is around 1,200 types of jewel beetles down under.

The key to their beauty lies in the outer skeleton which reflects light in such a way as to create an unusually vibrant shimming colour.

With over 15,000 species in the family, Jewel beetles can be found in almost every country. However, not all species are found everywhere in the world. Most have a preferred type of tree or plant and are found where those grow. With many species in the Buprestidae family, they are widespread.


  1. I knew about these and how beautiful they are. Something else!

  2. They are so pretty. I have seen them occasionally.

  3. Rita......They are pretty

    Diane........I haven't but would like to

  4. I think we have something like that up here- that DNR is trying to eradicate before they kill all our Ash trees.


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