Monday, 6 February 2023



Well hello world, here we are at Monday well for me it is Monday and that means facts.....

The world's first stone built lighthouse was the Smeaton Eddystone built south of Plymonth in 1756. It was lit by only 24 candles.

Plant eating dinosaurs did not eat grass because there wasn't any, there was only shrubs and trees.

A one minute kiss burns 26 calories

There is about 5,000 different languages spoken on Earth.

That was the last fact in my book of facts


CWMartin said...

The last fact? Now I know the world is coming to an end! Seriously, though, I have enjoyed this.

Rita said...

I have enjoyed your book of facts. :)

Janie Junebug said...

I'm sorry to see the facts come to an end. Maybe you can invent some facts!


Juli said...

LAST ONE???? Well, that's a bummer.

24 candles doesn't seem like it would do much in a storm.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Chris........That's nice to hear

Rita......I'm glad

Janie......I will for another reference book

Juli....Maybe not


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