Sunday, 15 May 2022

WEEK 19 OF 2022


What a stinking time I had yesterday arvo and up to 7.45pm when I was finally able to settle down enough to go to sleep. I tried listening to my book which I did but in restless couldn't stay still way. I manged in the end to sleep till 4am when I got up to pee and then I settle down till 6.15 when I got up for the day. Tim was very frustrated when I couldn't settle yesterday, he ended up yelling that he didn't know what I wanted, I snapped back how did he think I felt.

Had to call Tasha down to apply Deep Heat into my knee and change my pants.

Got a lovely Mother's Day text from Kelli and Dave.

At 1.10pm Kathy rang to see how my day has been, while I was on the phone to her, Tash & Jess turned up with Mother's Day gifts a large tray of danishes and beautiful grey weighted throw rug which I love.

Had a damn good night settled without issue and woke at 3.40am feeling unwell so I got up and had some dry crackers followed by the cheese that went with them and went back to bed till 6.10am.

I was still having my morning wash when Kathy rang, Tasha got tired of waiting so she went for her walk and was just returning home when I rang her.

Saw Kelli and Freya while they were here seeing Jess and received a nice gift for Mother's Day.

Very unsettled this afternoon hope I am able to settled at bedtime.

Another decent sleep awake at 4.30am after a good 8hrs sleep. Managed to dose on and off till 5.20am.

Went to print yesterday's diary entry and got a damn paper jam took me 15 minutes to clear it enough so it prints, still a little bit of paper jammed but it printed so I am happy.

A wet day, it started to bucket down at 7.50am so I wasn't able to go up with Leo.

Had a house inspection didn't know it was happening expect the letter is still in the letter box Tasha hasn't checked.

Had a pretty good night but have been awake since 4.20 and up since 4.45am as my body was shaking a bloody lot and I felt more or less awake.

Another wet start to the day so no going up with Leo.

Started writing a letter to a pen pal, I now have a small pile to answer.

Not a good afternoon.

Had a so so nights sleep and was awake at 4.30 again. Another wet day.

Had a message on FB from a pen friend letting me know another pen friend had a heart attack a week ago and was in hospital in a coma for a bit but is awake now but she has no short term memory at this stage. I have been writing to her for 20 odd years.

Sandy called in this afternoon just to see me and it was great seeing her.

Wrote a few letters still more to do.

Been up since 5am awake since 4.10am and have to say after a couple of weeks with no sweating it is back, which is why I found it difficult to stay in bed.

Kathy arrived at 10.30 and gave me a shower and dressed me to go out for lunch at the Eastern Tiger with her and Summer as well as Tasha. Jessica had to work and Leo didn't want to come.

Lunch was good but I needed help to cut my food and to go to the toilet.


Karen BakingInATornado said...

I think you and I have a different definition of a good night's sleep. Waking up at 4:30 am is definitely not a good night's sleep for me.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Karen...........I go on how many hours I slept uninterupted

CWMartin said...

I'll say a prayer for your pen friend... Hope this week is a little less wet and a little more settled...


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