Monday, 2 May 2022


 Hello Monday, hello May, you have arrived so fast. Mother's Day is next Sunday and I have no expectations with how the day will go, worry about it later.

Anyway here are some facts

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is one of the world's biggest and most overcrowded cities. Once they had men known as “pushers” employed to pack people into the city's crowded trains.

Akbar the Great, an Indian leader back in the 16th century, kept over a thousand cheetahs for hunting gazelle and hares.

Polar Bears are left handed

There are two high tides every day, the highest high tides in the word are in the Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada. There the water level at high tide can be 14.5 metres(47ft) above that at low tide...........that is about as high as a five storey house.

The world's tallest mountain, measured from its base on the ocean floor,is Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It is 32,000 feet (9,750m) tall, about 3,000 feet taller then Mount Everest.


CWMartin said...

Pat me on the back! For once, I knew all of these....

Katie Isabella said...

Who KNEW about that high tide and in between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick! Why does it get so extreme I wonder. Amazing. And I knew about the Hawaiian mountain...but not out in severak meausrements so as to get a better idea of how huge.

Margaret D said...

Very interesting Jo-Anne. Imagine being packed into a train, one would hardly be able to breathe.

Kea said...

I didn't realize your Mother's Day was the same as ours in Canada!

Anyway, the only fact I knew was about the Bay of Fundy, as I lived in Nova Scotia for 16 years. If I get really lucky, maybe I'll be able to return to retire there. :-)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Chris.........How cool is that

Katie........You knew more then I did

Margaret.........Sounds weird

Kea...........Yeah Mother's Day seems to be the same in many countries

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