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This New Year

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Published: February 2011

Even during the worst of times
When I feel the years go slipping by
Life seems rife with possibilities
When the New Year arrives.

Buoyed by hope at the New Year coming
I feel renewed and want to start living.
This year I'll travel and see the sights,
I'll be bold, I'll be courageous.

I'll reach out and go beyond.
I might even try being flirtatious!
I'll be a new fish in a brand-new pond.
This new year I'll be brave and I'll be strong.

Even though time does fly,
I won't let this year be wasted.
I'll look forward to new adventures
And be open to opportunities I am graced with.

I'll learn and laugh and have good times.
I won't dwell on years gone by.
I'll start each new morning a brand-new way.
I'll pretend it is New Year's Day!



  1. Very apt for this time. I hope it will be a good year for you and me. I spent New Year's Day in hospital again. Last year it was a bowel blockage this year pain was bad but x-ray shows no problems. Finally pain went and I came home.But I still have a sore tummy.

  2. Hope the new year will bring many positive possibilities for us.

  3. My version at work: "If anyone thought that, hey it's a new year, maybe the bosses will do things smarter this year, the answer is, BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!"


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