Monday 3 January 2022



Hello world damn I am in pain just saying.

Here are the first facts post for 2022.

A French schoolboy, Claude Chappe, went to great lengths to send messages to his brother. Using two wooden arms mounted on a long high pole, he put together a system that could send thousands of different words. He could tilt the two arms at different angles by turning some handles. Different arm positions stood for different words. As the arms were high in the air, his brother could see them if he was hundred metres away. In the 1770's he gave his invention to the French revolutionaries.

This system called semaphore was also adopted by the British who used it to keep in touch about the battle of Waterloo.

Duelling was once legal in Paraguay as long as both parties were registered blood donors.

A female kangaroo is called a Flyer the male is a Boomer

A lions roar can be heard up to five miles away or just over 8 kilometres.

The male Gypsy Moth can smell a virgin female Gypsy Month fbrom 2 miles away or 3.2 kilometres.


  1. "Duelling was once legal in Paraguay as long as both parties were registered blood donors."

    Hmm... well, I suppose that makes sense.

  2. I remember as a boy I had an animal book that gave the names of the genders/ages of animals. I thought everything on the Kangaroos was crazy. Dueling: Did that require a Red Cross presence at duels?

  3. Interesting facts. Amazing facts about the lions' roar and the Gypsy moths.

  4. I didn't know any of these, but found the duelling one quite amusing, for some reason. "Black" humour, I guess!

  5. I syuppose they could drain the blood of the loser and store it?


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