Saturday 8 January 2022



Woke at 4.36 up shortly afterwards washed myself but had to wake Tim to dress me.

At around 9.30 Kelli and kids came over so she could wash up a couple of things using my bottle brushes. She also brought her vacuum and ran it over the floor for me.

Tim bought KFC for lunch, after lunch he went out on the motorbike to get Jess a handheld 2way radio.


Had a decent nights sleep awake at 4.20 up at 4.45 due to shaking so much.

Kathy here at 6am without the girls. She did a few little jobs for me before she left.

Have bugga all motivation and concentration.


Slept well but woke during the night with my left arm stuck behind my head and had to wake Tim to move it.

When I got up I had bugga all movement in my right arm and when I did use it there was a great deal of pain. My left arm is only a tad better.

Been a hardish day.


Had a not so good night, was restless and unsettled ended up getting up having a glass of milk and part of a sleeping tablet, that had once been Mum's, which did the trick. I slept in till 5.40am.

Had to have a nap at 11.30 till 12.30.

Tim complaining there is no food in the house, as in nothing he felt like. So he went shopping for bread and salad stuff.


Had a better night, Tasha this morning was rushing around, I don't know why but her mood had me forget to ask her to rub cream into my arms.

It is another hard day shaking a bloody lot and my arms are very sore. So sore I am in tears.


Slept in till 5.36 which was a surprise and I did sleep well. Tasha was already here waiting for me to wake up.

Pain still bad but I did manage to take down Chrissy decorations and pack them away.

Tim took car into Klosters about the reversing buzzer and wipers, it is going to cost over $2000 to fix the wipers. This car is costing us a bloody lot of money.


Had another decent nights sleep woke at 4.45am struggled to get out bed but of course managed it.

Tim took me to have CT scan done on my right arm.

My left arm is also very sore again with limited movement.

Unable to do grocery shop the Coles page will not load which is very frustrating.

I am in a bad way this afternoon.



  1. Sounds like a horrible week. Sorry. I hope you have a better weekend at least.

  2. 2K for wipers? Geez. When my niece got married years ago, my car was "wiper disabled" and waiting for a part to come in. Had to drive home 50 miles in the rain sticking my arm out the car with a squeegie at night on the interstate to get home. Now that was no fun.

  3. Sounds like you're having more nights where you're sleeping better, hope that continues.

  4. PLEASE go somewhere else, or have Tim call. It should never ever come near to 100 dollars...never mind 2000.

  5. So sorry that you are still troubled by pain on and off. I am also sleeping less these days and usually get up after about 5 hours of sleep.

  6. Sorry about the pain and sleepless nights. Hooe this week is better for you!

  7. Hi all no individual replies this week due to pain and limited movement of arm, sorryd.


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