Tuesday 18 January 2022



Tuesday now and that means extreme creatures day, this week it is the Stout Infantfish, this is the smallest Australian fish and the second smallest fish in the world.

It grows to a maximum of only 8 millimetres in length which is pretty small. If you had a kilo of them you would have one million of them. . The stout infantfish is also the lightest vertebrate, weighing just one milligram

It is transparent without pigmentation, except for its eyes, and lacks teeth, scales and certain characteristics typical of other fishes. Scientists note that the stout infantfish's unusual appearance corresponds with its extremely short lifespan, which is believed to be approximately two months.


  1. I wonder how he ever got the name 'stout' at that rate...

  2. Wow, tiny, transparent, and only lives for about a month.

  3. Chris............I know odd

    Karen.......Yeah wow


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