Saturday 1 January 2022




Slept well enough woke at 4.30 and straight up washed and dressed for the day.

Tim & I went over to see Kathy's new house, it is bloody great looks bigger inside then out. Her girls liked their gifts.


Two days after Christmas and life returns to normal more or less. A cool and wet morning.

Tim at work today raining on and off all day.

Pain sitting around a 6 or 7 today.

Zero motivation today.


A new day and another coldish and wet morning.

Kathy rang she is waiting in line to have her 3rd Covid test in 2 weeks and has been in line for an hour with many cars in front of her.

She ended up waiting 3.5hrs only to be turned away because they were full whatever that means.

Too many people are going to get tested that really don't need to.

Kathy & Micheal dropped the girls off while they went to Costco they had a ball playing with Daemon, Freya & Leo.


An early start had to get up at 4.10 to pee and stayed up. A cool dry morning.

Tim is off for the next few days.

I feel very tired today so I had a 45min lay down, after which I felt better.


Slept in till 5am, woke up stiff again but managed to do stuff like get up and have a wash.

Tim has gone shopping with Tasha,who bought for me a heap of Christmas for next year as well as Christmas cards.

Tried to vacuum but my legs were shaking too much for me to stand.


Slept well till 4.34 when I woke thought I would lay there for half an hour, only to get cramps in my leg so I got up 5 mins later.

Last day of 2021.

Tim whipper snipped the back yard for the first time in years,in shorts and no shirt, so he now has small nicks all over his legs and stomach.



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