Sunday, 17 October 2021



Awake and up at 5.10am, Kathy arrived at 5.50am and showered me.

Jess came over at 7am with Freya in order to feed her breakfast. After a bit Freya became less timid.

It was nice seeing all three girls playing together.

This afternoon Tasha was in a mood saying that her dad should be putting me to bed on a Saturday night, however, her tone was disrespectful and Tim's reaction was just as bad he got very angry. Is it any wonder I feel like a burden at times.


Sunday here and going to be another hot one, Tasha was ok this morning, Tim was till I tried to talk to him about h ow angry he got last night and it set him off again.

A bloody hot day, had to turn the A/C on.

I also managed to do the medications on my own, as Tasha was super busy.


Another early sour tart awake and up at 4.20am, Tasha here at 5.10am. I was washed dressed and in the kitchen starting breakfast.

A cold and wet day due to the weather our free to air TV is out

but I can watch recorded shows.

Butt poo poo butt pee pee


I was up a bit later this morning getting up at 4.50am, Tim up at 6am. He won't be home to 7.45 tonight. Still cold and wet.

Jess rang at 10.00 to ask me to tell Leo that the school had rang to say their internet was down and for him to do paper work he had. I told him and what he did I do not know.

Scanned and cropped some old photos so I can use them when I do the new calendar.


Had a restless night, waking often till 4.30 when I at last got up.

Still wet but not cold.

Jess got her second jab.

She also picked up a handmade doll her friend Cassie did for Kathy it was made to order.

Tim saw the GP he has a fatty liver which he has had for years but he acted like this is new news I guess he forgot about it.

Now he wants me to find out what can be done for it.


Awake and up at 4.30am, when I rang Tasha she didn't answer, turned out she was already here.

Sandra's 44th birthday, sent her a text at 5.30 wishing her a happy birthday.

Leo didn't want to take his meds so I said ok I'm not going to argue with you, your Mum can d o that. He goes to his room only to come back a few minutes later and take it.

Around midday Leo comes out and said he is going home, I asked about school and he mumbled something and left. I rang Jess an hour later to ask if he was ok she said he was and that school was frustrating him so he was done for the day.

When he came it was for the night as it is Thursday.Awake and up at 4.30am, when I rang Tasha she didn't answer, turned out she was already here.

Had a shocking start to the day, I wasn't able to make it to the toilet and pull stuff down and sit before I wet myself so needed a good wash including my legs.

Had a voicemail from the specialist in Sydney saying I need a negative Covid test in order to have appointment.

Told Tim that after he has the Covid test we have to stay home till we get the results. This he didn't like.

Blain has gone to his dad's for another week.



menopausal mama said...

Hope that Covid test came back negative. Fingers crossed for you.

Rita said...

Why doesn't Tim want to help you on Saturday nights?
Hope you can get the test and then get some help. :)

CWMartin said...

I'm going to guess that last line on 10-10 was added for you...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Mama.............yep negative

Rita..........Stuffed if I know


Katie Isabella said...

I hope to goodness you BOTH are better. At least comfortable. XX


  Thursday again after a few interruptions I am again doing word of the week, this weeks word is “pedagogy”. Which is the science of teaching.