Saturday 9 October 2021



I managed to sleep in to 5.25am just after I got up Kathy sent me a text saying she was on her way. It was good having help with getting my breaky. I am now showered and ready for the day.

Sandy came and took me to see Mum & Dad, haven't been to the cemetery in months.


Woke up looked at my phone it said 4.14am had to pee so got up and noticed the lounge room clock said 3.14. I thought what the hell, checked my phone again then realised daylight savings had started.

Tim removed the filing cabinet and replaced it with the new drawers.


Had a good night awake and up at 4.30am again, I ring Tasha around 5am after I have had my wash and applied my body & face cream.

Going to be a hot day.

So hot I had trouble each time I went to the toilet.

Also turning the air con on in bedroom when I retire to my room.


Had to get out of bed last night 3hrs after retiring as I had forgotten to take my meds.

This morning I was up at 4.40am.

Tim saw the Dr this morning who sent him for a ultrasound of his abdominal area. Also a couple of Xrays.

I had a phone appointment with the Dr for a script and he is sending me for my 6mth blood tests.


First day of term 4 Leo is happy as he was over having nothing much to do.

I had my first Covid jab, Jess came with me, all went well. As I was struggling to walk and stand I was given a wheelchair and taken to a separate area, jumping the queue.

No side effects as yet.


Had a good nights sleep awake and up at 4.30am again. Still no side effects from the vac.

The arm I got the injection in is hurting a bit more then normal, I rang Tasha to rub deep heat into it but she wasn't able to, so I rang Jess who didn't answer her phone. So I got an ice pack and sat with that on my arm. It helped a bit.

I am really tired.


Friday again, cool day ahead. I slept well and was up at 4.40am.

Still no side effects from the vac as yet. Although I started to have pain again in my arm Tasha came and rubbed ice gel into it.

Saw Kelli and the kids this afternoon she said they have another 6 weeks to find a place.



  1. Glad you got your covid shot! Hope no issues. Doesn't sound like it. :)

  2. Good that you had no side effect, just the arm pain. Our days here are hot and cool when it rains. Tonight, we will be needing the air con to sleep.

  3. First, sounds like a decent week! Second, praying for Tim. Third, that "very tired" might be a side effect, but we didn't get any on first poke either. Second poke was a bit different, though...

  4. Glad you are not having issues with the shot.

  5. Seems 4-5am is your waking hour. My cat wakes me up every morning or I get warm doggy kisses until I get up.

  6. Rita......,/.Yeah so far so good

    Nancy.......Agreed, we often need A/C to sleep

    Chris...........Yep and thanks f or Tim's prayers

    Sandi........Me too

    Debby.......Yep it is, good thing I am a morning person

  7. I had no pain at all at the site of the injection.


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