Saturday, 23 October 2021



Slept in this morning till 5.45 when Kathy texted to say she was leaving.

Dad's birthday he would be 79 today.

Sandy came and took me to see Dad there were 4 out of 5 children there, Jeannie didn't come but she lives the furthest away like a 30-40 minute drive. We all hung around for an hour, it was great getting together.

Found out this afternoon our neighbour who is just called Mrs G passed away today.


Sunday here and what a start to the day I have had, first I was crying because I felt I was becoming too much for Tasha. I could tell she didn't really want to come and help me. She feels Tim is home so why can't he get up and help me. Reason is it is too early for him.

At 8.40 I had to go and have a lay down as I felt a headache coming on, an hour later I felt ok.

Had a restless day.


Slept in to 5.15, Tasha coming down at 8.30 to shower me and get me dressed for appointment in Sydney.

We are leaving at 11.30am, Tim is taking the scooter and the wheelchair. I wanted to take the wheelchair and he wants to take the scooter.

He also said we will take the car through the car wash before we leave.


Slept late didn't wake till Kathy rang at 6.25, got up and rang Tasha she was busy and would be here in half an hour. I was in tears when she arrived. I have been crying a lot this morning.

Saw the specialist and she also said I have a functional tremor and need to accept that. She also wants me to have some tests done at Westmead Hospital and some blood tests and go back in 4 months.

I am depressed, crying a lot today.


Another late start it was 5.30 when I woke up. Tasha was already ere.

Jess drove me to my podiatry appointment.

Have had a decent enough day,no tears.


Woke up with a stiff right arm,it is slowly improving.

A warm day, I am coping so so.

Although I do not know how I will cope next week and the weeks there after as Leo will be back at school. Leo helps me a lot during the day.


Woke stretched needed to pee got up saw it was 4.30 decided to stay up.

When I woke up I could here talking leaving my bedroom I could tell it was coming from Leo's room. I knocked and entered after no reply to find him asleep and the computer going which is where the talking is coming from. I do not touch his computer.

Today is the last day of home schooling I expect Leo will be in two minds about going back to school.



Karen BakingInATornado said...

I hate hearing you sound so depressed and crying so often. I hope you mention this to your doctor.

menopausal mama said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have been crying so much lately and I hope you are able to manage okay once Leo goes back to school.

Rita said...

A very hard week. So sorry about that. I'd be sure and tell your doctor how you are feeling.

Nancy Chan said...

So sorry that you have been crying so much. Probably you are feeling helpless and having to depend on others to help you. Hope the tests will go well and doctor will help you.

Katie Isabella said...

I too hope you will remember to mention this to your mil doctor when you see him. I always jot down what I want to speak of, and hand the note to him at the beginning of my visit. That way he sees what I want to mention if I don't think to say it.

CWMartin said...

Rough week. I hope you turn to Jesus and ask for strength. Depression is nothing to fool with, make sure you tell the Dr.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Karen........Thanks, we did mention it

Mama........Thank you, we will see how I cope tomorrow

Rita........Yes a hard week

Nancy........I feel very useless

Katie.........I also make notes for the doctor

Chris........It was a rough week and I will

Janie Junebug said...

Is it possible your medical service could provide a part-time caregiver? The care and company of someone outside your family might be a comfort that would ease some of your depression. But please tell your doctor how bad you feel.


Rajani Rehana said...

Read my new post

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Janie........No I don't qualify and we can't afford it


  Thursday again after a few interruptions I am again doing word of the week, this weeks word is “pedagogy”. Which is the science of teaching.