Sunday, 3 October 2021



No thorough wash this morning as Kathy is coming to shower me.

While eating breakfast Tasha rang and while chatting and eating a piece of croissant got stuck and I started to choke, so Tash came running by the time she got her I had managed to dislodge it but had gunk down my shirt.

Kathy showered me and did some ironing.

While eating some cheese and crackers for lunch I again had food get stuck resulting in coughing so much I wet myself and had to get Tasha to help as I was home alone.


I woke at 4.10 with a leg cramp so I got up went to pee returned to bed but wasn't able to go back to sleep so at 4.25 I got up. I was shaking a bloody lot. Rang Tasha at 4.55, she arrived at 5.10am.

Leo came down at 8am to give me a hug and say goodbye to Papa as he left for work. He didn't go home but went to his room and back to bed.

Jess turned up at 1.30 looking for Leo, he was in his room asleep still.

He came and asked me if he has school tomorrow told him no still another week off.


Awake at 4.20 again shaking from head to foot so I got up. Tim up at 5.15 he is doing day work for a change.

On the weekend Tim picked up from Mum's a set of 5 plastic drawers that I wanted and today I started to transfer stuff from the small 2 drawer filing cabinet into it making it easier to find stuff. A big job for me who can only stand for a few mins at a time.

Tasha booked my appointment for the Covid jab, 6-10-21 at 8.15am.


Tim had an early start he was up at 4am and gone by 4.30,which is when I got up.

Feeling good this morning really with it.

Managed to finish emptying the filing cabinet now just have to wait to the weekend for Tim to move it out and the new drawers into place.


A late start as it was 5.20 when I woke up. Tasha was already here and starting my breakfast.

Tim got up and left for work shortly afterwards.

At around 11am I had another mini melt down this time as a blabbering idiot I recorded a message and posted it to the family chat and the Meadows chat.

This resulted in both Sandy & Sue turning up to check on me and both Jess and Kelli came to check on me. This made me feel good getting hugs from everyone, made me feel good and happy. They all stayed an hour and a half.

Tim arrived home during all this and was glad that so many came to check on me.


A new day and hopefully a better one. Another early start for Tim.

A very warm day sweating from head to foot, so bad I have to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom with my knickers and shorts around my knees in order to stand in front of a fan so I can dry of enough to pull them up. This is so upsetting and stressful for me.

Don't think Leo will be here tonight as he went to Kelli's yesterday.

I have felt ok today.


Awake at 3.25 to pee but wasn't able to settle back down each time I started to doze off I would be awaken by a kookaburra so I got up at 4.25am.

David rang me to talk about me getting the Covid Vac, Leigh was with him and said I need to talk to my GP before I get it. I have an appointment on Tuesday to do that.

Tim had to cancel his appointment for his jab as he got stuck at work.



Mad Jack said...

I'm truly sorry to hear that you're so sick. I've had leg cramps at night for most of my adult life. Oddly, they abated when I had chemo therapy, as did a few other maladies. I also have trouble swallowing. Not as bad as you have it, but bad enough to frighten me.

Anyway, here's a long distance electronic hug for you, albeit from a complete stranger living in Columbus, Ohio, US of A.

Rita said...

Sorry it has been so rough for you. Glad you got all that support when you told people how you really feel. That means the world, doesn't it? :)

CWMartin said...

A lot of shaking this week. Do they have you chart what you eat to see if it comes and goes with certain foods? I'm thinking about looking into a vax booster, my step-grandson just got Covid...

Debby said...

I don't envy you, that you are entering into your spring and summer. I've had enough. I want to be able to complain about the cold and rain soon. Take care and keep cool.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Mad Jack..............Thank you, life is hard but I keep going

Rita......Thanks me too

Chris...........Yeah check that at the start of the tremor, I am sorry your grandson has Covid, I hope he is doing ok

Debby........I am sick of sweating

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