Tuesday 29 June 2021

Dog on Tuckerbox Pt 4


This is the poem written by Jack Moses.

I've done my share of shearing sheep,

Of droving and all that,

And bogged a bullock team as well,

On a Murrumbidgee Flat.

I've seen the bullock stretch and strain,

And blink his bleary eye,

And the Dog sat on the tucker box,

Nine Miles from Gunadagai.

I've been jilted, jarred and crossed in love,

And sand-bagged in the dark

Till if a mountain fell on me,

I'd treat it as a lark.

It's when you get your bullocks bogged,

That's the time you flog and cry.

And the dog sits on the tucker box

Nine Miles from Gunadagai.

We've all got out little troubles,

In life's hard stony way.

Some strike them in a motor car,

And others in a dray.

But when your dog and bullocks strike,

It ain't no apple pie,

And the dog sits on a tucker box

Nine Miles from Gunadagai.

But that's all past and dead and gone,

And I've sold the term for meat,

And perhaps some day where I was bogged,

There'll be an asphalt street.

The dog? Ah, well, he got a bait,

And thought he'd like to die,

So we buried him in the tucker box

Nine Miles from Gunadagi.


  1. Good poem Jo-Anne, thanks for the read of it.

  2. I liked reading the poem but I don't understand some of the expressions used in it.


  3. Nice reading the poem of the man and his dog.

  4. Just wanted to drop by and visit you so I could thank you for all your kind comments.

  5. Have to say I don't understand the wording, but, that's my loss. :-)

  6. Margaret D.........You're welcome

    Janie........Sorry about that

    Nancy.........Thank you

    MA..........Well, thank you

    Katie..........Yeah I get that

    Chris.........That's good


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