Saturday 23 January 2021

The Week That Was Again

 Saturday has arrived after an average nights sleep, woke at 4 to pee then had to have a small drink which meant removing mt Cpap mask, only to not be able to get it back on, had to wake Tim to do it.

After I opened the house I was shaking so much I sent Tasha a text asking for help. I really try not to ask her for help on Saturday but felt if I asked Tim he would be snappy.

Kathy came and showered me and did the ironing.

Tim went and ordered the new speedo for his bike, cost him around $650. He also bought a new rear guard for the bike.

Mum was sounding like herself told me about seeing Tasha 4 times.

I woke at 4,40am again needing to pee, thankfully I didn't need a drink so no need to remove mask.

Out of bed at 6.15 opened house and Tash arrived.

Tim is off today.

Feeling like shit I am shaking a lot and doing anything is so bloody hard.

Kelli, Jono & kids are at Jess's working on her back yard, along with Jess.

Tasha was pissed that no one helped her do her yard, she paid someone only $20 to do her yard and he did a half ass job, said it would cost more to do more this I get.

I woke at 6 thought I will get up in a moment then it was 6.30 and I am getting up.

Open the house and sent Tasha a text, before starting my breaky I was finished toasting the banana break by the time she arrived. She had fallen asleep.

My left leg is hurting top to bottom. Or bum to foot.

Had a very bad night, got up at 2.30 to pee and wet myself due to the amount of pain I was in with my left leg. I ended up sitting on the loo crying in pain and frustration. Tim ended up coming t o find me, I returned to bed but sat on the side unable to lift my legs again Tim came and lifted my legs into bed.

This morning I am still in pain and called Tasha to come and shower me.

At 1.30pm I went to the loo and because I was sweating so much it was very difficult and this had me crying. Blain found me crying the hallway and went and fetched his mum and Jess & Leo. All came and checked I was ok.

Had to tell Mum twice about it as she forgot and asked me twice how I was today.

Had a better night, Jess came and messaged my leg as I went to bed.

So I slept ok.

A much cooler day thankfully.

Tim home for a few hours split shift.

Had a lay down but didn't sleep just laid there.

My leg pain has been a lot less today.

Had a reasonable nights sleep as the pain returned during the night.

I got up when Tim left for work with his help. I managed to make my own breakfast, before Tasha arrived.

The pain has returned to my leg I applied my deep heat this morning.

Jess is going to message it again before I go to bed.

I had a horrible night due to the pain in my leg every time I tried to move it. Had to get help from Tim during the night as I fell partly out of bed trying to get up out of bed.

Leo spent last night here and woke at 10ish.

Been in pain all day, using the walker makes it easier to walk.

Managed to do a load of washing and hung half of it on clothes hoist before needing to ask for Tasha's help.


  1. How I wish your life wouldn't be filled with pain.


  2. Sorry to hear you have had a lot of pain again. I do hope you can get some relief soon.

  3. Sounds like a really rough week! I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  4. I am so sorry you go through this. But take joy in the people who love you enough to care. Blaine is a solid warrior, God bless him.

  5. Has the cause for the pain in your leg been found yet Jo-Anne? How horrible to be going through that and the other things that are happening as well. I am grateful your family is so supportive. XO

  6. JKanie.....Me too

    Rosie.....Thankyou so do I

    Rita.......It was

    Chris......I am blessed to have such caring grandsons living to close

    Katie......No bloody idea the cause but at lease the pain has eased for now


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