Tuesday 12 January 2021



Here we are at another Tuesday again this week we have Kevlar during the last century more different types of plastic have been invented one of which is Kevlar.

In 1965, chemist Stephaine Kwolek was experiment with plastic for making car tyres when she created a cloudy chemical liquid. She found that it could be spun into almost unbreakable plastic threads or fibres. Although plastic fibres and fabrics sich as nylon but this new stuff was much stronger.

The new material was named Kevlar, which when woven into fabric it is stronger and lighter then steel, as well as being both heat & cold resistant.

As it is incredibly hard to cut or break through it was perfect for bulletproof vests and safety helmets.

It is also used for climbing ropes, bicycle tyres, motorbike gear.


  1. I wear it under my pajamas just in case my wife gets a little stabby in bed.

  2. That stuff is truly amazing! :)

  3. Interesting! Good to protect from attackers.

  4. I remember when it came out. Took me years to not call it KEL- var.

  5. PTM.......Whatever rocks your boat/bed.......lol

    Rita......Yes it is

    Nan cy........That it is

    CHris.....Oh yeah there are maany words we pronounce wrong for years till we know better


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