Monday, 23 April 2018

Did you know No: 13

Hello Monday, what a weekend I have had some family drama, if you are my friend on Facebook you may have seen the drama. I am not going into it again, if you wish to read about it you can do so here:

Anyway here are this weeks did you know facts.

Whales have been known to carry around up to one thousand pounds (450kg) of barnacles attached to their skin

The shortest advert ever on TV was for Frango Sweets: it was less than a quarter of a second long

The word Hamster comes from a German word that means “to hoard”

Napoleon was terrified of cats

The skin of a hippopotamus is one and a half inches thick and nearly bulletproof


  1. Didn't know the skin of a hippo was so thick!

  2. Interesting facts, but then facts are always interesting.
    Didn't see the drama on FB, FB is only showing a few posts from 'groups, people' over and over - FB seems to be choosing whom we see on our Wall instead of 'us' seeing whom we have chosen to see..

  3. You’d have to be on your toes to see a half second commercial. They must have talked really fast.

  4. Hope Frango didn't overpay for THAT one..

  5. Afraid of cats? I have heard of these phobias but Napoleon is one of my fave historical bit disappointed.

    1. Some cats can be scary but over all they are usually just adorable


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