Wednesday 11 April 2018

A Thursday post

Good morning everyone, been up since 6.30am but awake since 5.30am when Tim went to work, Leo, however, has been awake and up since 5.30am. He heard the motorbike this morning and rushed out to say goodbye to Papa and decided he was awake and so not going back to bed.

Why oh why do I have to ask Leo over and over to get dressed for school been asking for the last hour for him to get dressed for school, his lunch is packed and his communication is written in and in his bag. I write in the book each morning the teacher writes in it when he thinks about it which is somewhat annoying. This communication book was the school's idea.

At the end of the school term the school has what is called “soaring high day” which an award for students who have been well behaved at school all term. Well Leo didn't qualify and was told to write an letter to appeal but he said he didn't care and wasn't interested in going to soaring high day, this term it was a trip into King Edward Park which is a big park in town (Newcastle) and a trip to Newcastle beach.

My sister Sandra has been having car trouble as in her car will not start, she was jump starting it for a few days but even that stopped working so she has had to borrow her step-son's car to get her girls to school and I picked Denni yesterday and I will get her today as well and if needed tomorrow and Friday afternoons.


  1. This is nice thing to motivate kids and behave good in school:)

  2. Dear Jo-Anne, I wonder if Leo will keep that independent streak and the "who-cares" attitude as he grows older. It will be interesting to see when and if he decides that compromise has its rewards also! Peace.

    1. Yeah I also have wondered how long this "who cares" attitude will last

    2. Dear Jo-Anne, and we both know that after one attitude has been dealt with and possibly erased, another begins!!!! Peace.


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