Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Lest we forget

Good morning world, a late start for me today as I had a horrible nights sleep, with some strange dreams anyway here it is ANZAC Day a special day for us Aussies.

The 25th of April was officially named Anzac Day in 1916. 'ANZAC' stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. On the 25th of April 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers formed part of the allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula.

The legend of Anzac was born on 25 April 1915, and was reaffirmed in eight months' fighting on Gallipoli. Although there was no military victory, the Australians displayed great courage, endurance, initiative, discipline, and mateship. Such qualities came to be seen as the Anzac spirit.

The Anzac legend is also important because it encourages Australians to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country. The legend has made such an impression on Australians that we continue to commemorate the landing of the ANZAC soldiers on the shores of Gallipoli on 25 April each year.


  1. It's so important to always remember those who fought for their country.

  2. It’s important to remember those who sacrificed in those troubled times.

  3. Dear Jo-Anne, I've done some reading about WWI and Gallipoli and always the writers talk about the courage of the Aussies. We need to remember what others have done for us in war. The men who send them to war are often so misguided but the men--and women now--who fight hold fast to their desire to serve. It's inspiring. Peace.


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