Thursday, 29 June 2017

Who's Van Was Used, Not Jessica's

Hello everyone, how is everyone today?

It has been another cold and wet day here in Newie, had the heater on for a while and Tim didn't complain.

This afternoon Jessica and I went to Leo's school for an open day where parents could go and see their child's classroom and meet their teacher and check out their work. So Jessica took the afternoon off work and someone else covered her run, the woman had to pick up Jessica's work van for the run but by the time I picked Jessica the woman hadn't arrived so Jessica left the key in the van.

So when I drop her home her work van is still parked where she left it so she rang the “TSO” (travel support officer) to see if the women picked her up and did the run, she said yes they were one the way home, so Jessica ask what van they were using. The relief driver said she went to the door of number 10 and the woman gave her keys to the van parked there. So who's van she was driving is anyone’s guess she related the address to Jessica and she had the address right but not Jessica's van.

As Jessica said to me who just gives their car/van keys to someone who knocks on their door saying they are there for the van. The TSO said she will tell Jessica tomorrow were they got the van from, the van they used didn't have Newcastle Limousines on it but not all of them do. However, the van did have the Samaritans written on it which is a local charity. 


Janie Junebug said...

How odd. I think I'll go knock on the window of some fancy, very expensive car and tell the driver, I'm here for your BMW, or whatever. Maybe the person will give it to me.


CWMartin said...

God, no kidding...

Rita said...

That's funny...and strange. :)


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