Thursday 19 November 2015

My Thursday & My Parents Wedding Anniversary

Damn it's hot here, temp in the high 30's and the air conditioners are going so inside the house is pretty ok, but outside you feel like you are going to melt, tomorrow it's suppose to be 43°c damn not looking forward to that.

Both Blain and Leo are home from school today, Leo because of the conjunctivitis and Blain well I feel he was ok to go to school but his mum let him have the day off, yesterday he went on a school excursion to Merewether baths and at lunch while running around playing in the park he ran into another boy splitting his lip and splitting the other boys forehead, the school rang Natasha and told her he had an accident and that they had called the ambos this naturally freaked her out and she rang me to meet her at the hospital. We spent over 2hrs at the damn hospital and in the end when he was seen they said they would do nothing it would heal on its own, so his mum let him have the day off school.

At the moment I have both the boys here while both their mothers are at work and had to tell both of them we didn't want them to go outside and play as it is far too hot outside for them to be running around. Blain doesn't like it when he gets hot and sweaty and Leo loves getting hot and sweaty and running around.

Oh yeah yesterday when I arrived at the hospital I stumbled and fell flat on my face, hurting my knees and hands a bit but all in all not really hurt, I was getting to my feet when I heard someone running up to see how I was and when I turned around it was Natasha she was the only person who came to see if I was ok, after she came up a taxi driver stopped to see if I was ok but honestly I don't think he would have stopped if Natasha wasn't there.

I was stumbling a bit yesterday and again this morning when I went for a walk I was also stumbling a bit but thankfully I don't fall over very often. I have the occasional bad day when like yesterday I stumble a lot, maybe the bad days will become more frequent but I will deal with it when and if it happens.

Also today is my parents 55th wedding anniversary and this has made me think about their marriage they after all this time they are still happy together they rarely fight although they did bicker at times like all couples.  


  1. I hope you are okay after your fall! When do you go back to see a specialist about the stumbling?
    I hope the boys behaved and stayed inside where it was cooler. :)

    1. I see the specialist next Thursday the 26th, the boys wanted to go out and run about and then got upset they got so hot

  2. Congratulations to your parents, that is some achievement.

    Gosh Jo-Anne, that's not good you had a fall, do be careful and I hope your wait to the specialist isn't too long.

    Hot, wow! over 40 deg tomorrow, now that is what I call hot...nearly too hot to handle.

    1. Yes it is indeed and they are still happy

      Only a week till I see the specialist

      Yeah what the hell over 40 and not even summer yet

  3. I just turned 55 so to know your parents were married as long as I've been alive is really an eye opener. That is wonderful and I congratulate them. I hope you are ok. It's not good to be falling at our ages. What caused it? Take care of yourself!

    1. I think the reason I fell is party because I rushed out of the house and forgot to change my shoes and went out with my thongs on, and I do not like to walk in thongs.

      I know 55 years is nothing to sneeze at they are also both still in love and happy together and that is a big deal

  4. I'm not going to nag, but a lot can happen in six days... please be careful.

  5. My dear I am sorry you fell and that had to have been painful! But I don;t like learning you are stumbling about on your walks or around the house. Are you all right or do you have an inner ear problem?
    Happiest anniversary to your parents. I am proud of the number of years they have been married. xo


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