Thursday, 18 August 2011

Internet Drop Out and Television

I hope I get to post this as the last couple of days my internet keeps dropping out and today this is the first time I have had a chance to get here because of the constent drop outs............Anyway since I have not been able to blog I have spent the time doing housework and answering some snail mail........

At the moment I am watching Jerry Springer and why do I watch this show the same reason I think anyone watches it for the fights...............nothing as entertaining as a good punch up on telly............

So what type of shows do my blog pals like to watch, me most of the time I like crime shows and prefer British crime shows over American and Australian that doesn't mean I do not watch shows from America and Australia I just happen to think Midsomer Murders and Wire in the Blood are two great shows and I love Murdoch Mysteries which is set in Canada.


orchid0324 said...

Dear, Jo-Anne.
Internet drop out, how stressful!!! I'm glad it is OK now♪♪♪
OH, about dramas; I can write a boring long comment for this topic p;) Well, as I used western TV dramas to enhance my hearing ability, I enjoyed a lot of them by using bilingual system since before 30's. We have Japanese- English switch both TV and DVD player (convenient, isn't it.
murder she wrote, Little House in the Prairie, Be witched, Colombo, Sherlock Holms, Father Dowlings, etc.
Haha, mostly sort of old detective stories,
Lots of love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

SkippyMom said...

My favorite show is "Law & Order: SVU" when it comes to crime type shows - and for comedy I love "Fraiser".

Yours look great - I wish that we got more British television here in the states.
And orchid has an awesome list too.

Good luck with your internet. I hope it doesn't keep dropping off - it can be so frustrating.

timothy said...

i'll have to check those out, i haven't seen much telly from down under but i do love muriels wedding and priscilla queen of the desert. i saw a movie once about a 40 something heiress whose husband throwns her to the crocodiles on the honeymoon but she survived and had plastic surgery and seduced him later to get her revenge. i loved it but i was a kid and have no clue of the title. lol as far as U.S. telly true blood, sons of anarchy, the csi's (all 3) and ncis and of course biggest loser.

diane b said...

It is so darn annoying when the internet is down or computers are not working.We love English crime and comedy shows too.

Joanne said...

I hate when the computer is acting up. right now I have to increase the space because it is so low. what shows do I watch? I like the old movies! I love to look at the fashions!
Blessings, Joanne

Anonymous said...

I can't watch much TV because of my eye's but I do enjoy Psych which is not at all what the name indicates. It's more of a goofy humorous detective show where the one guy pretends he is psychic.

Desiree said...

Good to have you back online! I very seldom watch any TV, but when I do, it's mostly documentaries or the news channels.

Southhamsdarling said...

Glad you got back on here today my friend. It really is so frustrating when that happens. I love Midsummer Murders, Poirot, Miss Marple - all that sort of thing.

LV said...

Those are not my type of shows. I think they are put up to it or fakes. I rarely watch TV of any kind. Noting of interest or reruns.

id said...

i like 'weeds', 'treme', 'house' and 'bored to death'. i'll occasionally watch some sitcoms like 'how i met your mother'. i used to watch crime shows but then they just started getting way over the top with the horrificness of the murders and i found myself thinking about the horror too much so i cut myself off.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Orchid

Little House was one of my favorite shows along with Colombo I love Colombo it is such a great show.....

Hi SkippyMom

I also love Law & Order SVU and Fraiser I also use to love Law & Order Criminal Intent.

Hi Tim

Muriels Wedding and Priscilla Queen of the desert are two of my husbands favorite movies. I may watch to much tv but oh well such is life.

Hi Diane

I find my internet drops out more when we have wet weather.

Hi Joanne

Yes I am wondering if I will write out all these replies and find that I will not be able to post because it is pouring rain outside.

Hi Craziness

Psych us a show I have seen also and thought it was ok..

Hi Desiree

Two of my favorite channels are the history channel and the Crime channel....I really enjoy the history channel

Hi Thisisme

Poirot, Miss Marple are another two great shows which I enjoy.


I watch a lot of tv far more then some people and prefer to watch tv alone with no one to bother me.


Weeds is a show I have seen the shorts of and have thought I would like it but I have never gotten around to watching it....

Aga said...

I only watch Weeds. I prefer to watch a movie than shows but this one dragged me in a lot!:) The first two seasons rock! Then it gets a bit worse but I still love it:)

diane b said...

In answer o your question; Bernie is hosting another series of Beaty and the Geek-Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
My fav show is CSI NY & Miami, Blue Bloods.
Midsummer Murders is not too bad, I also liked Spooks.

Glad to hear your internet is back on, it's painful when it keeps dropping on and off like that.

Have a lovely Day!

The Uncommon Willow said...

Internet drops are so frustrating! Our cable television also controls our internet and telephone, so when we lose one we usually lose them all.

I have watched some Canadian shows (lol - the home improvement ones mostly); I'm currently hooked on Flashpoint from there (it's on Netflix). I like many types of shows including stuff like Survivor, Amazing Race, cooking shows, and travel shows. We also watch a lot of things from the History channel.

BB said...

We are more tuned into the true crime shows. First 48 Hours, Documentary type shows about forensics, and then documentaries about other things. Not into reality shows by any means. We frequently go into Netflix and watch old series like Wings, Monk, Dick Van Dyke Show. Old classic TV shows.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi GotthatSwing

I have seen the shorts to "weeds" and have thought it would be a show I would like but have never seen it, I rarely seem to find the time to watch a movie and when I do watch movies.

Hi Diane

Thanks for that I have seen the show before and will have to keep an eye out for when it returns.....

Hi Eva

Oh yeah I also love the CSI shows I couldn't get into Blue Bloods may give it another look when it is repeated.

HI Teresa

We are in for another wet week here so that will more then likely mean more internet drop outs....grrr

Hi Barb

I have seen the first 48 hours and really like the shows I do watch a lot of real life crime shows here we have a show called Tough Nuts Australia's Hardest Criminals and I love that show and I also watch Lockup and America's Hardest Prisions.When it comes to old shows both me and Tim love MASH and Hogan's Heros

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