Monday, 31 May 2021

Facts Facts Facts

Good morning, yes it I still morning, so it's Monday and that means it is fact day.

Once it was thought that 50% of all bank robberies took place on a Friday afternoon because shops would deposit their weekly takings on a Friday afternoon.

Once if you saw the name “Alan Smithee” in film credits, it was because the person didn't want their real name to appear as the film was consider that bad.

The oldest document in Latin is in a woman's handwriting, it dates from the first century A.D. And is an invitation to a birthday party.

The oldest letter in Britain is also an invitation to a birthday party. It was sent by a Roman to his friend at Hadrian's Wall, the letter is about 1,000 years old.

The Roman postal service was that good it could carry a letter from London to Cardiff in three days


Rita said...

Never heard that about Alan Smithee!
I think I heard about the very ancient birthday invitations. Pretty nice to know they did some of the same things way back then. :)

Margaret D said...

These are interesting Jo-Anne.

diane b said...

The Roman postal service was faster than ours is now. Hee hee

Nancy Chan said...

These facts are all new to me but they are interesting.

Rosie said...

Some interesting facts, thanks.

Kea said...

That makes me want to look for the name Alan Smithee when I watch an old movie! :-D

I echo Diane: The Roman postal service was better than Canada Post, by far!!

CWMartin said...

I heard a couple of karaoke singers this weekend that could have singed Alan Smithee

Karen BakingInATornado said...

I love that the oldest documents both in Latin and in Britain were written by a woman.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Rita.....Yes I thought that

Margaret D......They are

Diane B......Yeah it was

Nancy.........Pleased you liked it

Rosie..........You're wlcome

Kea....,..Me too

Chris....... I get that

Karen....Same here

Katie Isabella said...

I would LOVE to see pictures of those two ancient documents!

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