Tuesday 20 October 2020

Indestructible Stuff

 Good afternoon, having a cold wet day here, started raining while I was waiting for Leo's driver to arrive.

It is indestructible stuff day and today's stuff is natural glue.

Humans use a lot of glue, it's good for mending stuff but we are just amateurs as our glue is nothing like as good as the natural super glue that some living things make.

Most animals move around but a few such barnacles and muscles stick to a surface and stay there. To do this they make a small amount of super strong glue to attach themselves to rocks, boats and walls.

Not only is it incredibly strong it is also waterproof and strong enough hold fast and passing feet.

Some of the strongest natural glues are made of water bacteria, which uses them to stick to surfaces in fast flowing water. Scientist have also found that asparagus beetles make mind-boggling strong glue to stick their eggs firmly onto asparagus plants.

Scientists are now copying the chemicals found in these natural glues and combining them to make the ultimate waterproof glue. It could be used to mend ships underwater. SSS


  1. Wow! I never even thought to ask how little critters can stick to a boat or something else that's wet.


  2. With properties like that, it makes a lot of sense for scientists to study and try to replicate what nature can do naturally.

  3. All we hear up here is ads for "Gorilla Glue". Be nice to have "Barnacle glue" to balance it out...

  4. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    IF they manage to copy that it would indeed be a good and waterproof glue.
    Yesterday while Pieter and I once again pressure washed the tiles in our garage and also cleaning its doors etc. I was annoyed at those white sticky spider eggs that stuck on the outside corners of the door frames. Pieter had to use the pressure washer on them. They sure STICK!

  5. How interesting. Something I hadn't given a thought to.

  6. Interesting and amazing information about natural glue.

  7. Sandie....,..,.No idea

    Janie...It's interesting

    Karen......Yes it is

    Chris.........Yes it does

    Mareitte,.......That would be so annoying andyes it would be

    Margaret D.......Many wouldn't have

    Nancy........Pleased you liked it


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