Monday 5 October 2020



Another Monday has arrived and of course that means it is fact day.

The invention of the doughnut is either attributed to Dutch settlers in Pennsylvania who punched holes in their original Dutch “olykoeks” aka oily cakes. The hole in the middle has also been attributed tob the New England sea captain Hanson Gregory, who in 1847, punched holes in the dough because his mothers doughnuts were never cooked properly in the middle. Neither of them was the first to have this idea though. Archaeologists have found petrified fried cakes with holes in them in the south western united states in prehistoric Native American ruins.

In 1895, French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere demonstrated a projector system in Paris and in1907 they screened the first public movie.

Julius Caesar was the first to use coded communications, using what has become known as the Caesar cipher.

It takes 550 peanuts to make a 12 ounce or 35mljar of creamy peanut butter.

Half of the world's supply of raisins are grown in California


  1. That's a lot of peanuts. Interesting facts here, as always.


  2. Interesting all the facts.
    Didn't like donuts once but don't mind one or two these days - they came with age Jo-Anne.

  3. Not a fan of doughnut but hubby likes doughnuts. I love peanut butter but have to watch the intake and that is a lot of peanuts to make peanut butter.

  4. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Some very interesting facts indeed.
    One wonders so often who in the world was the first to invent or try a certain dish we like to eat nowadays...

  5. Wow! That many peanuts!
    Makes you wonder what all has burned in California with all the fires.

  6. Now when they find a prehistoric creme-filled, that's when the fun starts!

  7. Janie........Yes it is

    Margaret D.......Yes interesting I rarely eat donuts

    Nancy......Donuts ane nice

    Mariette.......Glad youliked the post Yeah I w ondered that too

    Rita......Yes it does

    Chris.,....I w onder

  8. I have a weakness with donuts. I have to stay away from them or else it starts me off on an eating binge of donuts. My favorite is the very simple glazed raised donut or chocolate raised donut. Raised meaning these are the yeast-type donuts. I don't care for cake donuts. If I wanted cake, I'd eat cake. I just want donuts!


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