Wednesday 23 January 2019

Creature Wednesday / Armadillo Lizard

Well here I am finally getting around to writing a post, this morning I went to aqua and talk about painful both my knees were stinging in pain.

I just got up from a nap I found it hard to stay awake so went and had a nap.

Anyway it is Wednesday and that means it is creature day and the creature is the Armadillo Lizard, this is a small African lizard its head, back and legs are covered with big, thick, spiky scales that make a painful mouthful for a predator.

The scales are separate from each other so that the lizard can wriggle and run, in fact if danger comes calling it can roll itself up into a tight ball, holding its tail in its mouth so that the hungry hunter sees nothing but spikes.

Also if something does grab its tail the lizard can shed it as make it drop off and grow a new one, thankfully this doesn't happen when it bites its own tail.

Despite these tricks some birds of prey can use their beaks and claws to attack the lizard and sometimes even manage to eat one.


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