Tuesday 1 January 2019

Gross Facts No:1 Poison & Venom

Hello 2019 and a happy New Year to everyone.............

Let's kick of the year with something gross, because it is Tuesday and Tuesday is gross facts day, our first gross facts of 2019 will be about poison and venom.

The land snake with the most lethal venom is the Australian Inland Taipan

The most potent snake venom of all comes from a Pacific sea snake, but it is peaceful and won't attack unless very scared.

In India 46,000 people die from snake bites a year, that's more than anywhere else in the world

Some snake venoms work by shutting down the victim's body so that it is still alive but cannot move

The deadly puffer fish is a delicacy in Japan and chefs have to take great care to remove the poison, however, each year about 12 people die from eating it.

The golden poison frog has enough poison to kill between 10-20 people

There are millions of poisonous cane toads in Australia, and dogs sometimes die from licking the toxic skin

Stonefish have 13 venom filled spines

The male platypus has venomous spurs on its heels, it uses these to fight other males during the mating season.


  1. shutting down the victims body so they can eat it. UGH.

  2. I'm glad there's not much poisonous way up north here--whew!

  3. Thankfully, Scrappy doesn't find amphibians lickable...

  4. Katie....I know gross indeed

    Rita.....I worry some about poisonous things but not much can't see the point

    Chris......Yeah that is a good thing, don't want anything to happen to Scrappy

    Karen.....Me too

  5. Interesting Jo-Anne.
    Happy New Year.
    Did you see the video clip of a long snake with cane toads on it's back? Australian.

  6. Margaret......Yes I did see that clip it was freaky


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