Tuesday 12 September 2017

The last few days in my life

Good morning all, I am still in a lot of pain with my knees, so much pain that this morning when I woke up the pain was enough for me to just go back to sleep till Tim got up about an hour after my alarm went off.

I am continuing with the aqua class and I am enjoying it, it may be the reason why my knees are so sore today and yesterday afternoon. I only did 35minutes of exercise this morning because of the pain.

Yesterday I had little motivation to do much of anything after I returned from the aqua class, also when I got home Jessica and Kelli were here with Blain who was laying in Leo's bed, he was sent home sick from school. Kelli hung around so she could talk to Natasha about him being “sick” like me she thought it was an act, every Monday for the last 5 or 6 weeks he is “sick” he tried to say that it is the drive from Cessnock to Warners Bay causes him to be sick but if that was the case he would also get sick on the drive from Warners Bay to Cessnock on Friday afternoon. When she got here Natasha stormed into the house and down the hall saying “are you really sick” “this is beyond a joke” every bloody week you pull this shit.

Then just as Jessica and Kelli were leaving Jessica received a phone call from the school about Leo, another student had pushed him and got in his face so Leo shoved the kid back and he Leo is getting a suspension warning, how unfair, he was defending himself and gets into trouble the teachers say he should have walked away and found a teacher but really not that simple.

Speaking of Jessica on Saturday night she had me have Leo while she went to see Kelli and hang out for a while and what happened she broke down on the freeway, cost her $400 to join the NRMA and get the car towed to her mechanics and at this stage she doesn't know how much it is going to cost to fix, looks like a large water leak at the back of the engine. So at the moment she is without a car and getting a lift to and from Tafe with a friend from Tafe.

Well that is all from me for this post............................     


  1. Ok so here's a question: Why not ask the teachers: Where was the appropriate adult supervision when the kid bullied Leo? CLEARLY the kid wouldn't have pulled that crap had an adult been doing his or her job. This is always a first good question to ask because you are entrusting your children/grandchildren to the school district, and they should guarantee your child/grandchild's safety. Just sayin'

    1. Yes that is a good question indeed because it sucks and walking away isn't as easy as they seem to think it is, I also think they need more then one teacher on playground duty as one person overseeing dozens of children is a joke

  2. That comment^^^ nail on the head. Always easy to blame the kid but leadership starts from the top.


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