Saturday, 2 May 2009

Mother's Day Shopping

I have spent some time Mother's Day shopping for my mum as well as for Tasha and Jessica. I have also bought something for my sisters to give our mum as they have a habit of saying they can't afford to get something. I didn't spend much money on gifts for my sisters to give mum.

I do get annoyed at times as I feel they are not kids anymore and I don't have much money either but I always manage to get gifts for my family when needed, so I don't get why they can't. I have tried not getting them something to give mum or dad but when I did that they just didn't bother with a gift which upset dad a lot more then it did mum.

I even had to buy something for Natasha to give me but at least the other two have managed to get me something on their own not sure if Tim has bought me anything yet.


Anonymous said...

I bought myself (and mum) some Lindor chockies when they were on special after Easter (Just in case hubby couldnt get anything)

We have a mothers day stall at the school and there are some lovely things I will be encouraging the kids to buy for me (plus I am working on the stall which will be a bit of a novelty for them!)

Kim (Hosky)

diane b said...

BB never gets me anything as he says I'm not his mother. So I go along with that. I don't expect anything from my kids other than a card or phone call. Its hard for Carol to remember because she lives in England and they don't celebrate on the same day as us.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Kim and Diane

I have had many years when I have bought my own presents sometimes it is better as I know I will get something I want and like.

I remember when my girls would get me something from the mothers day stalls at school or make me something and I still have most of the stuff they made me.

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