Friday, 8 May 2009


Well Chemo is back on the cards as one of the lump nodes taken when they removed his lung came back malignant he will also be having radio therapy. First he has to fully recover this includes eating better.

When I saw him this morning I thought he looked drawn in the face and I could tell he had lost a bit of weight and this is a worry. Mum bought him an English muffin and he couldn't even manage to eat all of one half of it.

When mum told my sisters about him needing chemo they both got very upset and cried I however, didn't cry yes I was upset and yes I do worry about him but I am thinking positive.


diane b said...

Hopefully the chemo will shrink the cancer and give him a bit more time. It is a sad time for you and your family. Well one for remaining positive. Thinking of you .

mandy said...

I agree totally with Diane, positive is the only way to go and be greatful that everyday is a bonus....Wishing you and your family well through these difficult times...
Have a wondeful mothers day Jo-anne

Margaret D said...

Oh gosh Jo-anne, It's a worry for all of you. Think positive and I do hope your dad comes through his treatment ok in the end.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Unfortunately my dad has been feeling very down lately and causing my mum a lot of worry. She was crying yesterday and told him he has to eat or they won't do the chemo and she knows he doesn't feel like eating but has to try a bit more.

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