Wednesday 27 May 2009

Speaking my mind isn't being cranky

I have been informed by my husband and daughters that I have become one cranky ass bitch well I disagree after giving it some thought I have come to the conclusion that the problem is that since starting this new medication I often speak my mind and do not let people walk over me or take advantage of me and they don't like that.

Natasha has just left here and not in the best mood as she was going on again about Tim going guarantor for her and Lucas so they can get another car and I told her it isn't going to happen well that set her off. Going on about how if it was one of her sisters it would be different and I lost it. Told her whats what and she started going one about how I have changed since being on this medication and I told her that as far as I am concerned she doesn't like the fact that I am asking hard questions and not just saying what she wants to hear to I can avoid conflict.

I kept asking her how she thought she was going to pay a loan she would say we have figured it out and I said tell me show me put it in writing so I can see where the money is going to come from to make the repayments and she just kept side stepping the question.

Now I first pissed her off when she walked in the door as she went to the fridge and took out a can of Coke and I said ask first the answer will be yes but ask first. I asked her how she would like it if people walked into her house and just helped themselves to things, she knew I was right she just didn't want to admit it.....I'm 46 and I still ask my mother if I can have a can of drink or chocolate as I think it is just polite.


  1. Hi Joanne, Don't back down. All people need to take responsibility. Does Lucas work? If not, is he disabled? Does your daughter work? Is she disabled? You know who will end up paying for the car.

  2. Hi Anonymous

    No Lucas isn't disable just doesn't seem to be looking hard enough for work, he does look but he could do a whole lot more. Likes to spend to much time on his X Box. He also spends money on tattoos which he doesn't need.

    Tasha is on a disability pension so yes she is disabled.

  3. Good for you Jo don't let anyone treat you like the doormat. They will respect you for it in the end.

  4. good for you Jo-Anne. to speak your mind without anger is a very good thing. Fran

  5. Diane and Fran

    Thanks for the kind words and my girls and Tim will just have to get use to me speaking my mind.

  6. Hello, I wish to tell you that speaking your mind is never ever being the crankiest thing on Earth.. NOT speaking your thoughts openly actually makes you cranky! Keep it up with your advise, suggestions and opinions for people who matter to you, trust me one day they will thank you for your straight forwardness.

  7. Good job, you! Your lot could use a good dose of spine.

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