Wednesday, 13 May 2009


On Mother’s Day my brother and his wife gave mum a small wondersuit and a dummy it took her a few seconds to realize why that was. Yes my sister in-law Leigh is having a baby she is due on New Years Day.

Mum told me today that David wants to know the sex of the baby but Leigh doesn’t and as Leigh said she can’t say ok tell Dave and not me as Dave would not be able to keep it to himself, so don’t know what is going to happen with that.

Now on Monday night I got a phone call from my sister Sandra and she called me aunty Jo and I said what I’m not your aunty Jo and she laughed and said but you will be my babies aunty Jo. Then the penny dropped she also is having a baby and she is due sometime in January, at this time she isn’t sure exactly when.

So in the new year we will have two more members in the family, I am so excited about that as I know it is what they all want.

Sandra was a little worried she wouldn’t be able to have a baby and I think it is great that she is going to be a mummy.


diane b said...

Get the knitting needles out.

Anonymous said...

Thats wonderful news Auntie Jo...with all the bad news going around isnt it lovely to have some good news!

We have 3 babies 'on the go' between our 2 families - my kids were the last ones (they are 6 & 8 now)


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes Diane my mum has taken up her knitting needles again.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Kim it is such great news I am looking forward to being an aunty again. I hope the cousins have a close relationship like my girls did with their cousins when they where growing up.

Margaret D said...

New beginnings there for you all.
Good news to hear from you Jo-Anne.

Lizzie's Insomnia said...

Congratulations Jo-Anne....

Kind regards,


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