Sunday, 4 April 2021

Yet Again Here is Saturday's Post on Sunday Because I didn't forget again or maybe I did,you decide

I am not with it today,tired again I have been up since 6.30 and Tasha was here just after.

Tasha came down while I was doing the medication for the week and took charge as she could tel I was having trouble.

Tasha also helped me hang the laundry up to dry.

Tasha gave me a shower before bed as I had an accident.

What a morning woke with the alarm but waited till 6.30 to send Tasha a text. However, I had to ring her at 7am as she hadn't turned up. At which time I had already had a melt down in the bathroom while having my wash.

Turned out she had been sick at both ends all night, and was still not good.

When I rang Mum she didn't sound like she was with it. I was talking to Mum when Jess rang my mobile she had workmen arriving and needed me to be at her place. I explained this to Mum who got shitty because I said I had to go and would ring her back.

When I rang back Sandy was there, well it turned out that Mum had taken too many Phenergan and was unable to stay awake. Phenergan is the only medication she is allowed to have at home not in a Webster pack. However, I said I think it is time to change that.

I woke up at 4.40am and felt restless so I got up and went to the loo. I couldn't see so I removed my Cpap mask and of course I couldn't get it back on so I have been up since then.

I had a doctors appointment Tasha said it was at 10am but she had the time wrong and were an hour early.

Tim somehow managed to go to work an hour early.

Also at work he noticed rear end damage to the car and he has no idea how and when.

Spoke to Mum after some problem with the phone, I rang, she answered and couldn't hear me, this happened three times before I rang her from my mobile. Mum was distressed and didn't understand why when she answered no one spoke, I had to tell her a few times what had happened.

I am feeling better today more with it.

Had some rain after I took Leo up the top of the driveway.

Been ok not great but I am never great now days.

Didn't talk to Mum she didn't answer the phone. The first time I rang it went to voicemail, this happens when the phone isn't near her. So I gave it 5 mins and tried again,but it went straight to voicemail, like the phone was off the hook.

I rang Sandy who sent Dawson a text to check.

Woke up at 5.45am after s restless nights sleep only to be told by Tasha when she got here that Mum is in hospital.

Spoke to Sandy about Mum she is in Belmont hospital but maybe transferred to JHH later if she deteriorates. Her kidneys are only functioning at 9% which is low. She was also dehydrated and her heart rate was low around 45 beats per minute.

Sandy came over and had me be Mum so she could get the company she had to talk to her.They said they need Mum's ok to do so.

Didn't ring Mum and it felt odd.

Had a better night last night, no school for a couple of weeks but I was still up at 6am before my alarm.

Tasha drove me over to see Dad, when he heard I was going Leo asked if he could come, which of course he did.

Around 2pm the arthritis in my left knee flared up, the pain is nearly unbearable.

Jess put me to bed but I had a panic attack it was the start of a bad night.

The pain was so bad I was crying with pain,Tim is so worried he rang the Dr to your door. The doctor arrived at 10.30 wrote a script for Endone. He also told me to apply ice, which I do.

Got to bed around 11pm with a bag of ice on my leg and around 30 minutes later I fell asleep.

I woke at 9am and found Kathy and Summer were here, so she gave me a shower. I am not in much pain this morning.

Tim prepared my breakfast

Midday and I am tired so I am going for a nap.

Woke at 2pm and Tim told me to get some shoes on we were going to see Mum.

Mum was great much better then I expected her to be. She was pleased to see us.


Rita said...

What a week! So sorry. I hope things go better next week.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Rita............Thanks, me too

CWMartin said...

Man, that was rough...Prayers for Mum and you.

Janie Junebug said...

What a rough week! I hope this week is better.


Debby said...

Yikes. This week will be better!

Nancy Chan said...

Hope things will improve for everyone especially for your mum and you.

Katie Isabella said...

Jo-Anne...if I could wave a wand and make t better I would..over and over and over. XX


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