Sunday 11 August 2019

The week that was No:32

It is Sunday afternoon and I just got up from a nap, I didn't get to have one yesterday and was rat-shit by 6pm.

I of course sorted out the medications for Tim, Leo and myself before a nap and wrote 3 letters to pen pals.

The first thing Tim did when he got up was complain about Tasha borrowing our car, I am fed up hearing about it.

Tim made a number of phone calls trying to find out where Leo is on the waiting list to see a psychologist to have the atusim assessment. We got nowhere.

He then went to the doctors and had me go with him so afterwards we could go to Leo's school to chase up a SRS-2 form owed to Dr Murray.

I have had a shocking afternoon with terrible hot and cold flashes all afternoon.

Tuesday was a better day, Tim is at work thankfully. I had a bad night with running hot and cold all night.

Had a phone call from Dr Murray, Leo should be seen by a psychologist in the next week or so.

At around 12.30 Jess & Kelli with Freya as Kelli had to print out some forms to fill in and return to Centrelink. They were here an hour.

Had a moment of crying as I went to ring and ask Dad if he still had his label maker. When Mum answered I realised that I couldn't because Dad is no longer with us.

Leo is here tonight.

Mum rang and read me some letter written by Richard Thomas Jenkins 1st in 1916 while serving in WW1.

Dave said he wants them which pissed me off as I also would like them. Mum said I can borrow them to read and scan them into my computer.

Wednesday morning I went and saw the nurse and had the paperwork for the incontinence aid payment filled in.

Then saw the doctor about my left arm and mental state, he has sent me for an Xray and ultrasound, which I will have done tomorrow. I have to go back on the 21st for a mental health plan, so he can arrange counselling for me through Medicare.

Then Tim & I went out to the Eastern Tiger for lunch. I ate about half what I normally eat
On Thursday, Tasha drove me to the Xray place and picked me up when I was done. The woman who did the ultrasound said it looks like tendinitis.

Had a phone call from Fiona Harris about grief counselling, I go on Friday 16th at 10am.

Sandra called in to drop off the label maker and I found some photos of Dad and put them on a flash drive for her.

This morning I was able to do my own make-up after Tasha helped me get dressed.

Saw Kelli at the square she gave me a gift that I really liked. She hung around Jess & myself.

Tasha drove our car to Cessnock.

Saturday saw Jess doing a wine tour, so Leo is here.

Kathy picked up my shopping for me and dropped it off but was rushed as she was in a hurry.

Leo isn't medicated and hasn't stopped eating all day.

We went over to the Mater and found where I go next Friday, we then went to Kmart before coming home.

Jessica said she will take me to the appointment.

Jess had a phone from Dr Murray she sent the scripts to the chemist, I will see if Tasha can go get what I need on Monday.


  1. You have a lot of health issues your way, too. Wears a person down being sick in the first place and then dealing with the paperwork and appointments on top of it is more exhausting. Keep on plugging away. Things have to get better, right? Or at least settle down. :) Sounds like you are doing all the right things, anyways.

  2. Things can be tough at certain times of our life especially with health issues. At one time I was also struggling with hot flushes. I hope the doctor will find out and be able to address your health issues to bring you relief and peace of mind. Take care and keep well.

  3. Rita.......Yeah all I can do is push on and hope things get better, or settle down,

    Nancy......Yes I hope the doctors can find out the cause of my problems


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