Sunday 9 April 2017

In Pain Again or Just Life

Ok world guess who spent most of yesterday in so much bloody pain she felt like an old frail woman and she is only 54, if you guessed me you guessed right, Tim said it is because I am big he didn't use the word “fat” but that is what he meant. I said it was because I spent a lot of the day on my feet, have to say I was thankful for my walking stick. Tim said I didn't do much during the day yeah really Tim wake up and notice how much I do.

I did spend a lot of time standing and cooking and I pegged two loads of washing on the line and got it off again and of course I started the day doing 1hr 45 mins of exercises all of which is not good when one has a bad back.

Speaking of lunch I did honey soy chicken with fried rice and pasta, Tim complained that I put seeds and nuts in the rice and said the chicken was a little dry, Jessica complained she didn't like the pasta that much and Kathy said the chicken was a little dry but she really liked the fried rice but they all ate it which I guess is something.

Blain had two cheese pies as he said he didn't like honey soy chicken, Natasha wasn't here so she ate nothing which is about how much she would have eaten if she had been here.

Today I have been moving better managed to get dressed and put my own socks on my feet which is more then I did yesterday, I had to have Tim's help getting dressed yesterday morning I was in that much pain. Although I am expecting things to go down hill as Natasha dropped of washing for me to do another three loads of washing, so more time spent on my feet again today.

At the moment I have Blain while Natasha goes to get Jessica from Wallsend, she had to take the work van she used yesterday back and needed someone to pick her up, Blain is unwell so he is here in the lounge room watching cartoons while I am in Tim's office using the computer. I still do not have my laptop, although Tim has ordered a new hard drive for it.

Natasha is going to loan her car to Steve, so will need Jessica to drive her home and she wants her dad to take her washing over when it is done I bet he ends up wanting me to do it though.

Tim has taken Leo for a ride on the motorbike they are meeting Jessica out at Wallsend and Leo will come back with his mum and Natasha, Leo loves to go for a ride on the motorbike.

Well that is all from me for this post.


  1. Sounds as if you do too much oneday, then the next you suffer. Take care and try not to over do it.

    1. Yes that is what I thought I over did it, Tim thought I did very little

  2. Never understand how your family does so much complaining and so little to take care of themselves.

  3. If you fixed lunch for me, I would say, "Thank you, it's delicious."


    1. Which is what Kathy-Lee did and it made me happy to hear she didn't complain

  4. Hi Jo-Anne, so sorry to hear that you felt lousy. Sometimes all we need to hear is a kind word but I guess people are so used to complaining they forgot that you have feelings too.


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