Friday 21 April 2017

Five things Friday

Good morning, on this lovely somewhat cool Friday morning of course being Friday means it is Five things Friday, been thinking about what this weeks five things would be so after some thought I have decided, ok no thought really just listening to the tv and that is how I decided on this weeks five things.

Citizenship tests

Duel citizenship



Try to learn the language of your new country

Everyone has an opinion on who should be allowed to immigrate to their country some and all for letting all the refuges in others not so much, most people don't have a problem with those who apply and go through all the right steps to move to a foreign country but most people also have a big problem with those who turn up in boats and who try to sneak into a country illegally. Also many have a problem with those who do not seem to at least try to learn to speak the language in my case that language is english, I know it's hard but at least try.


  1. Replies
    1. The questions are suppose to get tougher and focus a bit more one our way of life

  2. Well they will just have to learn what the answers are same as if we had to do the same if immigrating to other countries.

  3. I believe everyone has the right to live where they please. I also think that it's important to learn the language, if possible,.

    1. Agreed, if you move to a new country try and learn the language and try to fit in and understand the country's culture

  4. I think we all have the right to try to do what's in our best interest. And although it may be difficult to assimilate, it's in the immigrants' own best interest to do so as much as they can while maintaining their own culture as well.


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