Thursday, 9 June 2011

Slept all night

I went off to the doctors yesterday afternoon, it was a late in the afternoon appointment which I do not like but can't always get in when we would like. Anyway Jessica had to come home and pick me up drop at the doctors go and get Leo from Day Care and come back and get me............easy right..

Nope not so she is late picking me up to take me to the appointment then when I get out she isn't there to get me so I ring her and she is at her sisters with car trouble...........grrrrrrrrrrr
I ring my mum who doesn't like driving at night anymore but still she comes and gets me and takes me Natasha's where I thought Jessica was but when I get there no one is So I walk to Kathy's place please all remember it is bloody cold here temp around 11 degrees, so I was freezing..........Yes they are all at Kathy's having tea/dinner. Jessica borrowed Kathy's car as she said didn't want to drive her car at night till she knew it wouldn't die on her.............

So anyway I bring her car and Leo home and she goes out to her cousins place for the night. By the time I got home Leo was asleep it was only 6.30pm but I decided not to wake him and instead carried him into bed. I put a heater on for him as the room is so cold and at 9.20pm I go to bed just after I get into bed he comes in and gets into bed with me tells me I am so warm and goes back to sleep.............I think the reason he woke up was because I turned his heater off when I went to bed.....His mother was really annoyed when I told her that he slept all night.


timothy said...

annoyed that he slept all night? aren't children supposed to sleep all night? sounds like you got screwed hon, that's unacceptable. a phone call to let you know what's going on is just plain good manners! you take care of yourself and have a blessed day! xoxoxoxo

id said...

hmm, doesn't sound like you've been having a very fine time lately...hope things start to turn around. :)

yevisha said...

i don't know where to start with this post Jo-Anne so i won't say anything except that you deserve to be treated better. that is appalling behaviour.

SkippyMom said...

I have to agree whole heartedly with yevisha.

And let his Mother be annoyed. You were just doing what a good Grandma does - get your grandson to sleep all night.

The Uncommon Willow said...

that is just so wrong. my daughter would be thrilled if i took my grandson and kept him all night.

i hope you're feeling better.

BB said...

I would be furious if there was no courtesy call. I can't believe she just left you hanging. Jo-Anne that is just inconsiderate. I love how Leo crawled in bed with you and went back to sleep. My girls used to do that every weekend. Except they would both climb in and I would end up on the couch due to feet and butts up in my face. Oh I miss them!!!!

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Wow that was quite the ordeal. I am glad you were able to get home safe and sound.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Tim

I think the reason she was annoyed is because he doesn't normaly sleep all night when he goes to sleep so early.


Today has been a best day of the week so things have started to turn around.

Hi Yevisha

The worst part of the afternoon for me was standing in the cold waiting for someone to pick me up.

Hi Skippy

I told his mum that maybe she should have the heater on for a bit at night to warm the room up as I know it is hard for me to sleep if I am cold.

Hi Teresa

I know that she appreciates me, she tells me so all the time and that helps.

Hi Barb

I was pissed off that if I hadn't texted her she would have forgotten about me. I have also had nights when I had both my grandsons in the bed with me and Tim and I have ended up curled up at the foot of the bed.

Hi Jen

It was not the best afternoon but the rest of the night was ok home alone, Leo in bed alseep so all good.


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