Tuesday 21 June 2011

A postage Stamp

A wonderful thing is a postage stamp

when you come to reason and think

of the joy and tears it carries around

with all its paper and ink

It has smashed a nation before today

and shattered the throne of a king

It has carried a lock of maiden's hair

and brought her a wedding ring

It has found the black sheep far away

that strayed from the narrow track

and broke his dear old mother's heart

but the stamp has brought him back

It has linked up commerce around the earth

and across the seven seas

T'will bring the nations together yet

and settle the world at ease


  1. Did you write this - it is fabulous! :)

    And I know you like to pen pal - me too! I have to type all of my letters now, but my pals understand as it is easier on my hands. :)

    Email me your address and I will happily send along a note with a US stamp on it if you like. :)

  2. great, and i too write actual letters! lol

  3. Hi ID

    Glad you liked it..........

    Hi Skippy

    This was sent to me by a pen pal and I like it so much that I thought I would share it here.

    Hi Tim

    It is great that there are still some of us out there that like to write actual letters....

  4. That is a lovely poem, love it :D

  5. I love it, Jo-Anne. Thank you for sharing it with us. I used to love writing letters and receiving them but, unfortunately, with e=mails and the like, no-one seems to send them anymore :(

  6. very nice! did you write this? it's awesome...

    I still need your mailing address. When I try to reply to one of your comments from my blog it goes to 'noreply' so i'm sure you're not getting it.

  7. Great poem. Here in Canada we are in the middle of a country wide postal strike. There has been much talk that ordinary mail is antiquated. On the other hand the government feels compelled to force an end to the strike as it considers the post office an "essential service". I guess old fashioned letters are not dead just yet.

  8. Hi Bubbles, Thisisme,Becca, Teresa& Jen

    Glad you liked the poem, Teresa you now have my email address and I hope snail mail is around for a long time.


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