Monday 27 June 2011

House or Home

Why is it when I can sleep in or at lease do not have to get up very early I wake up early and cannot go back to sleep and end up getting out of bed....................such as today I have been out of bed since 7am.

When my precious first born turned up with Sydney as it is Monday and she has to work so I have to watch Syd for her, anyway I sounded a bit croaky and she is like are you sick again mum in that tone that implies I am just feeling sick to annoy her or that in some way I will be unable to take care of Sydney. I would have to really really sick before I would tell her I was unable to care for my grandchild, so naturally Sydney is here and she loves being here playing with Leo.

I may not know how to do much but I do know how to care for a child and house ok my house may not be as clean and tidy as some of my children would like………..hell none of my children think I keep a clean house they all like to complain about the house. They have gone as far as saying this house is a dump and they hate it here…………………

Ok maybe the house is not as clean as it could be since I do let Leo play with his toys all over the house true you often cannot walk down the hall without stepping over toys, but I do sweep out every day and I do the laundry at least twice a week and the dishwasher goes on daily and I do not like dirty dishes on the sink they have to go into the dishwasher and I always clean the kitchen after a meal has been cooked. Would I like the house to be neater and if you like cleaner then yes I would but it is hard to keep it neat and tidy when you have young children running around playing with toys……….I do not want my grandchildren to feel like they cannot play with their toys…….

I had an aunt and uncle whose house was like that you were not allowed to bring out more the 2 toys at a time and they had to go back away as soon as you were finished with them, there house did not have a lived in feeling about it, unlike my parents’ house which did and still does. I think that is why I am the way I am and why I do not like it when people just drop in as I feel they are looking at my house thinking what a mess……………that said to be honest most of the time I do think if you do not like my house don’t come here…………………………

I guess the point I am making here is that I am 48 years old and as such old enough to know what I am doing even if what I am doing is not done the way you would like.


  1. Amen Sista! Your House your rules! Great post. Blessings, Joanne

  2. Hi Jo-Anne. Believe me, you have got it right! When my little grandchildren are here, it looks like a nursery school! Then they like to go upstairs where there are more toys in one of the bedrooms. I bet they love coming to you! Hey, you're a young grandma!! Loved the little cartoon about the man cleaning his castle. Hee Hee!!

  3. right on Jo-Anne. it's your house you can have it how you like. :)

  4. sweetie how in the world do people you're doing stuff for (babysitting, ect) judge you? that's bad manners and totally unacceptable. next time they look down their nose at your house put a HUGE smile on your face and say (sweetly of course) i just can't seem to get this house up to par, and i know you'd LOVE to help me, that would be so nice and shove a broom in their hands!

  5. Hi Jo

    Thanks for the blessing can never have enough good blessings, glad you like the post.

    Hi Thisisme

    I have to lock my spare room as that is where the toy box is and if Leo can get in there he will empty every toy out of the box and when asked why it is because he is looking for something.

    Hi Yevisha

    Thanks for that I am happy with my home.

    Hi Tim

    You know what is funny when I want my girls to leave I tell them I have housework to do and they can either help me or leave and they always leave instead of helping.

  6. i don't mind kids toys being out but i do have them pick up when finished. isaiah knows when he comes that he has to put away his toys before he goes home. that's as much for his benefit as for mine. if ron runs over something with his wheelchair, it gets broken and that's a poblem for isaiah. if ron runs over something (or can't get through because of the toys) then that's a problem for me.

    if you don't have filth everywhere - should be no big deal on the toys. kids can't have fun if they're not allowed to play. i had an aunt/uncle like yours. my brother got into trouble for playing with an etch-a-sketch while sitting on their carpet. GASP! their kids weren't allowed in that room.

  7. Hi Teresa

    This only this morning when Kathy came over for lunch she was doing nothing but complaining about my house, why because there was toys all over the place............


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