Sunday, 18 December 2022

WEEK 50 OF 2022

Sunday again, Tim slept in his armchair to see if he has a better nights sleep. He said he slept well but woke up aching all over.

Managed to do some more letters and cards.

Tasha putting me to bed as Jess forgot and went shopping with Leo.

I have felt restless since 10am.

Monday the 12th sees “My Blain” turning 17. I woke drenched in sweat going to be a hot day. I sent Blain a birthday message, gave him his gift when he came down just a $50 Playstation card. He has gone to his dad's for the week.

Jess came and helped me sort out the Christmas presents. There are still a couple to buy for.

I am sweating so much I have it dripping off me and it has me distressed and in a foul mood.

Also did more Christmas cards only 6 left to do.

Tim slept of the lounge again and I tried to remain quite so not to bother him.

I finished off the Christmas card.

Tim went into work to pick up his work bag and to catch up with some work mates.

He is also off to see the hand surgeon this afternoon.

Wednesday already and Tim again slept in the loungeroom but moved to the bed when I got up at 5.15am.

Tim needed to take some claim form into work to have one page filled in. He then took it into wherever he needed to take it to hand in.

I had a so so night, Tim came to bed around midnight and complained I was in the middle of the bed. This woke me and I was restless the rest of the night.

Saw the podiatrist my feet are good. Although I had a lot of trouble getting into the car with my right leg.

Men came and ripped out our kitchen so no I had no lunch nor tea.

Tasha came and gave me a good shower as I had an accident.

Had a reasonable night although when Tim came to bed I was again laying in the middle of the bed and he shoved me over hurting my right leg causing me to cry.

Someone dropped off the new kitchen sink and said workers should be here around lunch time.

I am so over the state of this house.

Tim spoke to the workers about the shelve for the microwave there is no way I could reach the microwave there. I am only 4'10”.

The boss is suppose to ring me tomorrow about it.

Woke at 5.10 and found Tim up already as he was restless and unable to sleep.

The kitchen is half done, no power points as yet and no oven/stove.

The plumber came and installed the sink as well as the dishwasher after he got the ok from his boss to do so.

Sam (Leo) went on a date this afternoon/night to the carols by candle light. He is super excited as he really likes this girl.

Kelli agreed to drive him to the girls home and his Papa (Tim) agreed to go and pick him up afterwards.

Kelli also is putting me to bed.


  1. It must be hard with work going on in your kitchen. I hope Tim gets better soon and you can stop sweating.

  2. It is so hard when you don't have a functioning kitchen--or bathroom, for that matter. The other rooms seem more doable. I hope they get it together soon for you.

  3. Diane......It is and he is improving

    Rita.......Me too the state of the house is depressing

  4. Hope Sam had a great time! I'd say more but I'm getting onion dip all over the keyboard.


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