Friday, 23 December 2022



Evergreens, the symbol of eternal life, are as much a part of Christmas now as always for many people. The wreath upon the door seems to say Welcome the spirit of Christmas is in this home.

The garlands that decorate some stairs and other parts of the house bring a feeling of joy and friendship in such homes.

Kissing under the mistletoe (not an Aussie thing) is a popular thing for many, it is a custom that started in Rome.

Love and kinship take on a new glow when the twinkling tree sounds out its little messages of warmth and holiday spirit.

There is no other time of year when our homes are as opened to friends and loved ones. As we decorate our rooms and tree in a special way we are preparing our hearts for the coming of the Christ Child for whom all is said and done.

This is what Christmas is really all about.

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