Monday, 3 December 2018

Did you know No: 30

Hello Monday, been a stinking hot weekend, the type of weekend that one is glad to have air conditioning. I had sweat dripping out of me all day.

Eight per cent of the earth's crust is aluminium

A teaspoon holds 120 drops of water

One horsepower is the energy required to lift 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute. A real live horse only delivered about .66HP, a strong cyclist can deliver one horsepower for about 30 seconds.

A pound of gold actually weighs less than a pound of feathers, this is because feathers are measured in “avoirdupois” weight in which there are 16 ounces per pound, gold as a precious metal is measured in “troy” weight which has only 12 ounces in a pound.

Offered a new pen to write with, 97% of people will write their own name


Chatty Crone said...

Eight per cent of the earth's crust is aluminium - I heard it caused Alzheimer too.

Margaret D said...

Interesting Jo-Anne.
We are not having warm weather at the moment..windy today.

Nancy Chan said...

We are having cooler weather here. At this moment, it is pouring heavily outside! Have a lovely weekend!

CWMartin said...

Horses must have been stronger in the past...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Chatty......Yeah my Nan always though aluminium caused Alzheimer's

Margaret.....Indeed, I do not like windy weather

Nancy.........Should be a cooler day here today but we will see

Chris.........Hell yeah

Katie Isabella said...

wonder what size dropper?


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