Wednesday 1 August 2018

Dad sitting and being oh so tired

Hi all what happened to Tuesday I can't remember what I did yesterday I know after I took Leo to school I went to my parents place and stayed with dad while mum went to an appointment over at the hospital.

Sue drove her over and wasn't suppose to stay at all just drop mum off and Sandy was going over after she dropped her girls off at school to be with mum. Well Sue hung around so long she got a parking ticket for being stopped in the 15 minute parking for 30 minutes. Mum said she told Sue to move her car, Sue said different, I do not know, I was not there. Sue had me go online a contest the ticket she will hear sometime in the next month is she has to pay it or not.

The specialist was pleased with mums recovery but not happy that the ICU doctors told my sister that they thought mum's problem last month was caused from her surgery. When mum saw her GP last week he was also upset that when she was in hospital no one from the hospital contacted him.

Dad didn't do anything while I was there with him, he just sat and dosed in front of the telly. At first he was annoyed that mum wanted someone to stay with him but when she explained she didn't like the idea that he might have a fall and end up on the ground for ages waiting for someone to come home and help him, he was ok.

Natasha has been busy yesterday and today moving, Leo is excited about her moving near me as .he and Blain have been getting on really well this year.

This morning I was falling asleep driving Leo to school but things improved after I got home and had something to eat. I didn't go to my aqua class because of how tired I was feeling.


  1. Glad you made it safe, sounds like things are (knocking on wood) looking up...

  2. Chatty.........Sure do but such is life

    Rita...........Yeah tell me about it

    Chris..........I hope so, taking it one day at a time

  3. Do take a good rest. You must have been really tired out.


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