Saturday 8 October 2011

Should Men Have Their Ears Pieced Or Not

                                                        Ear piercings on men: yes or no
What does everyone think about men having their ears pieced is it something that looks good or not is there an age that it looks ok or not...............

This came up when I was talking to my mum recently as she said my dad has been thinking about getting a second piecing in his ear or getting his other ear pieced he already has on ear pieced. This he had done in 2010 after he came through his chemo and everything, he didn't tell mum he was going to get it done he just did it one day when they were out shopping. Mum was in the supermarket shopping and he went and had it done, mum was shocked, it was not something she thought dad would ever do............

I have no problem with a man having ear piecings if that is what he wants but I know my mum is not keen on the idea.


  1. it's definately a generational thing, and only those from 2 generations ago actually even notice anymore. now piercings are the norm and not just ears! i have both ears and a nipple done so obviously i have no problem at all with it! lol

  2. When my hubby was younger he had his ear pierced and once his dad saw what he had done....he was told that he get rid of it or else! I don't mind guys having one but somehow the double piercing looks odd to me.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I think it's a generation thing. I myself hasn't gotten any earrings or anything anymore due to allergy. But my son who is 19 has piercings and tattoos here and there lol. I don't mind it, even though I'm not really a fan of piercings...

  4. I don't like piercings in little boys as they look gangster like because of it plus a little girlie. In older men I prefer one as I've seem 2 (in each ear) and it looks odd. But at the end of it all I think its what the individual is happy with.

  5. I don't find it attractive in men, but my theory is it's not my body and to each his own. If they like and think it looks good, then good for them.

    I know Pooldad wouldn't do it and for that I am thankful. [Not because I dislike it, but because he does. :)]

  6. I don't mind either way really, but I can understand why your dad had it done, after going through chemo, and good for him!

  7. It depends, in my opinion to some it match (those that have a bad boys look:P) to others not so. But hell, why not?:) It's kinda original and he can always take it off whenever he wants and there'll be no significant mark. And if it'll make him happy, then why not?:)

  8. It doesn't bother me. My son used to have piercings; now he has tattoos. Whatever floats his boat. He's still mine and I love him.


  9. My second oldest brother pierced his left ear back in 1970. Most of the guys I hung around with had pierced ears (only 1 back then). Now it's so normal it doesn't even stand out to me. Some guys look really stupid with their choice of earrings and others look ok. What I hate is the huge holes that are being put in earlobes. That just looks gross to me.

  10. i don't mind it on some guys it is reaaly cute

  11. lol I think it depends on the man. If he is effeminate that is something he needs to dodge unless he wants to look um well you know... However I don't have an issue with it. I also don't believe age should dictate your actions. Unless you want to wear a mini skirt without undies out in public that is. Again not nec an age thing. haha

  12. Hi Tim

    True I really don't notice peoples piecings and for the most part I do not have a problem with it if that is was someone wants.

    Hi Joanne

    I do not know how I would feel if hubby got his ear pieced I don't think it would bother me as long as it is just the one.

    Hi Eva

    I have my ears pieced have done since I was 14yr but that's all. I don't have a problem if it is what a person wants and you can always remove them if you no longer want them.

    Hi Bubbles

    I do not like piecings in children at all I feel like if you are say under the age of 14yr you really have no idea what you want, I always told my girls they could get anything they liked piece if they where old enough to get it done without my consent and by that time they no longer wanted

    Hi SkippyMom

    Yep just because we do not like it we can't dictate what other adults do......

    Hi Thisisme

    To be honest I never notice dad had it done till it was pointed out to me.....

    Hi Gotthatswing

    Yeah I agree piecings are easy to remove if you no longer want them.

    Hi Lola

    When it comes to our kids we love them even if they have piecings and tattoos although piecings are easier to remove

    Hi Barb

    Oh yeah I do not like spacers I really think they look gross and it is not something that you can cover up or remove when you get older and realise what a dill you look like.

    Hi Becca

    Yeah some guys look cool with their piecings others just look weird....

    Hi Crazy

    I also do not have a problem with piecings although some people don't really suit them and they only look weird.......However they more the likely think the look great.

  13. To each his own and if that's what makes a man feel happy, then that's his choice. I guess this may well have been something your Dad had wanted to do a long time ago, but possibly felt afraid to do at the time for whatever reason. After his chemo, he probably felt, 'To hang with it! This is my life! I can do whatever the hell I want at my age!" He probably didn't confide his intention to your Mum beforehand, because he knew what her response would have been! He wasn't looking for her approval. He was acting from his own personal need to have a piercing.

  14. Hi Desiree

    Yes I agree with you and as long as dad is happy with it then it doesn't both me as I mentioned to Thisisme I never noticed when dad did it till he pointed it


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