Monday, 24 October 2011

A nice little catfight

Wow how easy is it for things to get blown out of proportion the other day my darling sister Sue posted this on Facebook

“When I had a car I was full of life, happy with the freedom knowing that I could go anywhere, do anything when I need or wanted... as well as being able to help my kids with a lift or a visit gave me so much joy....And now that I don’t have my own car to drive I feel like my independence has been taken from me and I am once again feeling depressed and isolated....
How can having a car of my own to drive have that much power?”

My precious daughter Kathy-Lee responded with this comment

“You cant honestly think a car has power over your life, can you? you have 2 strong legs, unlike millions of others who have to use wheel chairs to get to the toilet and some of those need a carer just to help them wipe their butt, your 2 strong legs can get you to a bus stop. that bus can take you to numerous places where your kids may be. did you know that the sound of a mothers voice is equally as coming as getting a hug from her??

Maybe instead of being the mum who drives her kids places you could be the mum who helps her kids find the right bus route or just be an ear over the phone my mum didn’t have a car for a long time, but she still went for walks, or caught the bus, always has her phone on her so her daughters could call her with their problems. There were countless times I wanted my mum just to come to my place and watch Sydney while I closed my eyes for an hour, but just hearing her voice made me know I was ganna be ok. by not having a car you are doing the environment a favour and helping your wallet. do you really wanna pay for rego, greenslips, pink slips...etc......there is also the always increasing petrol prices and don’t’ forget about the oil that the car is ganna need.

Is there a park nearby your place? shops? do you have a backyard you could use if you wanted to to get some sun while being alone? You are very lucky to be in the situation you are in. Don’t sell yourself short cos you don’t have a car. Get a bike.....its better for your health and will make you feel better cause of all the fresh air you will be getting.”

From there a nice little cat fight started between my daughters and Sue's daughters and of course I said the wrong thing myself. I think it is all a big misunderstanding, Sue and her girls felt like Kathy was criticising her and that I was siding with Kathy by saying this “I have to agree with my precious daughter she has said a lot of good things here, I had no car for years and my daughters would help me out when I need it and yes I did catch a lot of buses sometimes I would catch the bus somewhere and have a daughter pick me up and bring me home.” which was not my intention.

I also think everyone should remember Kathy is the type of person to get on her high horse about the environment from time to time Sue not the only person who copes this I get it a lot...........

What did upset me a bit was the following comments: From Sue to
Kathy: “GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE I was NOT selling myself short I was simply expressing that when I had a car to drive it gave me "freedom knowing that I could go anywhere, do anything when I need or want" and a sense of independence.... At no stage did I say I had it as bad or worse then others and WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I DONT CATCH BUSES? WALK TO PLACES I NEED TO GO? or 'BE AN EAR OVER THE PHONE' FOR MY CHILDREN?...AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT SORT OF MUM I SHOULD BE!!”

The Natasha had to add this trying to defend her sister “Kathy wasn't saying anything bad about u or how u r as a mother...... I can say this when I get a call from u it's not 2 c how I am it's 4 me 2 pick u up or 4 me 2 drop u off. I can count the times u have called me asking me 2 pick u up n take u places. U have asked me n I’ve always said yes. Ohhhhhhh N Kathy is NEVER on her HIGH HORSE She is there 4 who Eva needs some1 SO LAY OFF HER...”

Which caused Kelli to come back with this “Jesus fucking Christ mum never said Kathy isn't there for people, we all know she is the most generous person besides nan in our family. She was saying she was on a high horse, Which she was about the whole Car being eco friendly And more fit, if that's what all you meadows think By agreeing with Her, sell your fucking car and see how it feels When Blain or Sydney needs to go somewhere Asap And you need to rely on other People to do something for YOUR Child because you can't.”

See what I mean about a cat fight and there was more comments going back and forth but I have only add a couple here. Also I had to go through and fix the gramma in bits as it was annoying

I ended my comments to this by adding “Well I think this has gotten out of hand.......................Sis of course your feelings are not wrong and yes we have noticed that you are happier in yourself when you have a car and no you are not me you are a stronger person then me I am weak and soft and get walked all over unlike you..................”


  1. Oh my goodness gracious! These misunderstandings really get out of control and cause problems. Been there, done that. Hope you'll all be o.k. now.


  2. My goodness Jo-Anne,
    You know I believe we are all spoilt in many ways, and yes independence in having our own car is what most of us are used to, when taken away it's devastating for some people.
    As you know my father is legally blind but he still has a car which I drive when I visit him each week and stay....I sometimes leave my car as his house and drive myself home using his car.
    He won't sell his car, because that takes his independence totally away. He feels better knowing he has a car in his garage as eg. if he wanted to go somewhere and has a driver, he can go and that does happen sometimes.

    Where I live we all expect to drive to our destination and not many of us use local transport.

    I can see where your sister is coming from.......I also see where your daughter is coming from...

    Sure hope it all gets sorted out soon.

  3. I don't thinks this shows any of them in a favorable light. Although I see what you sister meant about not having a car and losing the freedom to get up and go whenever she wants. There was no reason for all the vitrole that spewed afterwards, I think.

    Growing up [and even now] we were welcome to voice our opinions to our Aunts & Uncles, but in a respectful manner. Anything less and ... well, I just would never dream of talking to anyone that way. Wow

    Good luck. I hope it cools off soon.

  4. oh my goodness what a carry on due to something small ended up so big... it would have been better for your sister as an adult just to ignore the comment.

  5. Lola..........Yes it is easy for things to get out of hand it will all settle down at some point......

    Whiteangel........I could see where Sue was coming from too even if it didn't seem like it......

    SkippyMom.........You are right about all of them not shinning through in a good way.......I would never speak to any of my older realatives is such a way but the young now days often have no such problem and when we say something to them they just do not get what we mean about disrespect.

    Bubbles......Not only should Sue have not bitten I also should have kept my 2 cents worth to myself...

  6. Yikes!!! You mean Facebook isn't for letting people when you've gone to the toilet, for posting embarrassing wedding photos, or for snide comments to perfect strangers? I better delete my account.
    And buy a car.

  7. Al......I know what a shock who would have thought..........

  8. I read this the day you posted it, Jo-Anne, but I was not sure how best to respond at the time. I am a rather private person by nature and so would never intentionally get myself into an unpleasant situation such as you described, least of all conducting it 'in the open' as it were. I guess that's how I was raised. I do hope this unpleasant matter has blown over by now. It's not pleasant for you to have been placed in the middle of it all.

  9. I have seen this a lot with stuff that is written down in texts and twitter. When it's written the actual tone or way the writer wanted it to sound doesn't quite get through. I'm sorry this turned into such a big deal. Hope things get straightened out soon.
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. Desiree........Although an unpleasant situation it will all blow over in this family we do not hold grudges for very long.........
    little catfights such as this one are part of being on Facebook it is so easy now days to write something and hit send then regreat it minutes later and it is often not something you can undo and even if you do undo it the damage may already be done........

    Joanne......You are so right it is not always easy to read something the way the writer may have intended it to be read........all it will all blow over


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