Sunday, 2 October 2011

How Long Does It Take To Cook Chicken Legs............

What a day I have had first I didn't want to get out of bed because it was dark and overcast and raining but get up I did then I come out turn on the TV and realise it is an hour later then I thought because Daylight Saving started last night.

The next thing I know daughers 1 & 3 turn up for lunch we then ring and ring and ring daughter number 2 to see if she is coming in the end she answers her phone and said she would come over. So I go and check the lunch it smelt really nice but you know what the chicken legs had the meat falling off the bones but was still very pink so I had to put the legs into the micowave to finish cooking them.........I had them cooking in my slow cooker overnight on low they cooked for 13hours. 

As it turned out everyone liked the chicken and potatos and of course we had other vegies with the chicken and spuds, I cooked the chicken legs and potatoes in the slow cooker with bacon and carbonara sauce.

Now I just have to do our weekly medications I do them each Sunday afternoon ready for the week.

So how has everyone elses Sunday been?


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  2. The chicken legs were cooked. Just because they appeared pink doesn't mean they weren't done, especially after 13 hours in a slow cooker. If you get a cheap meat themamoter [sp?] you can check the temp - it should be 160 degrees F to mark done for legs.

    Sometimes when you use a slow cooker or a smoker the meat will still appear pink. [Learned that working in a restaurant and they are more moist anyway.] Glad everyone enjoyed.

  3. My Sunday has just begun and, guess what, we have also woken up to rain and wind. At the moment, more wind than rain, but I'd be much happier if it were the other way round. I would agree with Skippy that, after 13 hours the chicken should have been cooked. I tried using a slow cooker for a time after having read such great reports about how easy it is to use them and how wonderfully aromatic and tasty the meals are, but my own attempts were all dismally disappointing, so I gave mine away.

  4. Beautiful day here Jo-Anne for the 1st day of Summer Time which I do like. We went to bed old time 1.30am as we had visitors for dinner last night..We didn't get up too early this morning.

    Sandwich for lunch eaten outside today, plus I did the washing all dry and put away. Now having a cuppa at 5.20pm :)

    Chicken legs are yummy for me, and I often find them 'pink' no matter what way I cook them.

  5. they sound delicious and i'm sure they would have been cooked after that long in a slow cooker. i quite like mine. first day of summer? omg it is too. bit cool here (adelaide) but the sun is out today so not too bad weather wise.

  6. Dear Jo-Anne,
    I am sorry that I have no idea about slow cooker. But,it must have been a good gathering time for your family. Happy for you about it♡♡♡
    Well, we just finished dinner; although it was cloudy, we started to have quite comfortable autumn weather here.
    PS> Thank you SO much for your sweet comment for me today!!! I could have a bit relaxing Sunday for a change.
    Blessing to all of your family, Orchid*

  7. I can never make chicken legs because no matter how long I cook them they never look done to me...and I am afraid to eat them LOL

    Hope you have a nice Sunday!

  8. How lovely to have all the family together for lunch like that. I just love a good roast with the potatoes and veggies. Sorry about the rain. We are in the middle of a heatwave here. The hottest start to an October since records began apparently! Take care.

  9. SkippyMom......I should had mentioned that I thought the chicken was cooked but my daughter said it wasn't and insisted that I pop it into the micowave for a 5 minutes to make her happy. They tasted nice.

    Desiree.......Yeah I thought it was cooked but my daughter didn't so I nuked it to make her happy. Today the wind is cold but the rain has stopped. I use my slow cooker a lot and the meat is always so tender.

    Whiteangel.......Yep even though they were pink I thought they would have been cooked but my daughter didn"t. Today the rain has stopped but there is a cold wind.

    Yevisha........When it comes to chicken my daughter is pretty fussy. Today is a lot nicer day.

    Orchid....Slow cookers are great I love mine and use it a lot, today is cold and fine so better then yesterday. Pleased you like the comment I left on your blog. It was great having the family here.

    Jessica......Yeah if they have any pink in them my daughter doesn't want to eat them she is afraid she will get sick.

    Thisisme.....Roast with baked vegies is my favourite meal love it......the rain has stopped thank goodness

    Becca......It was delious everyone enjoyed it

  10. i used our slow cooker today, too. i fixed beef ribs and they were pretty darn yummy, too. your chicken sounds delicious. i like to cook chicken and veggies in the slow cooker.

  11. Hi Teresa.......Even my daughter is thinking about getting a slow cooker now she loves how tender the meat is when cooked in it.


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