Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Bro and My Mum

Oh my poor back it is aching so much today it hurts to move but I still managed to go and see my nan with mum this morning. We had Liarna with us as mum and dad have her till tomorrow afternoon when he parents get back from their trip to Melbourne.

My sister in-law had to go to Melbourne for work and she was able to take her husband my brother with her on this trip and they decided it would be a nice break away for them.

Now they have 3 children between them Dawson, Kayla and Liarna, Dawson doesn't live with them so he was no problem but they had to arrange for Kayla and Liarna to stay somewhere and that was with Leighs parents for the most part and for Liarna to go to my parents place for only a day and half. No I think the reason for this is because mum is one for Dawson's main carers and she is often looking after Temika and I feel that Dave & Leigh thought it would be to much to ask mum to watch Liarna for any longer. I do not know for a fact that is the reason I am only guessing, but I do know that my mum does a bloody lot looking after Dawson and helping Sandra out with Temika.

Sometimes I wonder if my sister and brother truely appreciate all that mum does for them, I often get the impression that my brother will try and tell mum how to raise Dawson and yes he is his father but he has intrusted mum with Dawson's day to day care and in doing so he has to accept how mum is caring for Dawson...................

You can't say here mum raise my son but do it the way I tell you because what you are doing is wrong.................even if what you are doing is the same as you did when I was a child.

Yes mum is older now she is 71yrs but you need to trust that mum knows what she is doing and that she is doing it because it is what she wants to do because she loves Dawson like a son and you need to remember that she has been looking after him since he was born.

Now I am going to read some blogs and hope the pain relief kicks in soon..................


SkippyMom said...

I hope [by now] that your pain relief has kicked in sweetie.

I cannot believe that your Mum is raising another child at 71 - bless her heart. Really. That is just amazing.

Your brother probably still wants what little control he has left as a parent, but I do agree that he is best to leave your Mother to it because she knows what she is doing and he entrusted her with his son's care.

Please give your Mom a big hug from us for being an awesome Mum and Grandmum! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Skippy

My back is still aching but when pain tablets dont work try grog.........lol

I have forward a copy of your comment to my mum.

Rebecca said...

Your mum is amazing I know from experience how hard that is my mom raised my older brother's two boys. For me your mum is a truely wonderful woman.

as for you my darling i hope your back is feeling better.

My Life

BB said...

Where would this world be without Grandma's? I commend your mother Jo-Anne. She is a saint.

Bubbles said...

I hope your back feels better soon :).

I can't imagine how it must be for your mum to raise small children as I find it hard with my niece sometimes wanting so much attention and I aren't that old yet! Its a shame people don't consider this or appreciate the help thats offered.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Becca

I think she is amazing and I like to let her know that.

Hi Barb

Yes grandmothers do so much we do a lot work looking after how grandchildren where grandfathers often just get to play and be a fun guy.

Hi Bubbles

I do not know how my mother does it.


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