Sunday, 31 January 2010

Yesterday was my mums 70th birthday and we had a surprise party for her, it was held at my brothers place and there was around 30 people there not as many as I had hoped as some didn't turn up even though they said they would come that is annoying when they do that.

It went well until my sister stormed off because our brother said something to her about drinking his grog.....she didn't bring any of her own and only put in $50 towards it both me and Dave paid out around $300 each.

When mum arrived and saw everyone she started to cry as all her children where there 10 of her grandchildren also 3 great grandchildren. I was happy that my sister Jeannie came as she has a habit of not bothering to come to family functions.


mandy said...

Glad to hear you`re mum enjoyed herself Jo-anne....
I don`t go to many family do`s myself for that very reason..To much conflict...Easier for me to stay away lol

diane b said...

You are a great daughter to make all that happen. She must be happy with her big family

Margaret D said...

Oh Jo-Anne, What a wonderful thing for you and your brother to do for your mum, she must have had a lovely day.
I myself don't like being given surprise party's, but many people do like them.
Shame about your sister that stormed off, but when many people get together, family or not, someone usually gets their knickers in a knot! :)

Heather said...

you know for a fact that the reason mum got upset and stormed off had nothing to do with dave it was because of what pop said to her!!. And people wonder why i dont go to family events!!!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Mandy

There is always someone at our family events that gets upset it is part of being in a big family.

Hi Diane

Mum is very happy with all her kids and I am no better then any other daughter.

Hi Whiteangel

Mum doesn't mind surprise parties but she said if she had know she would have set her hair.

Hi Heather

Yes I know it was pop who upset her also and no I didn't go into details here and if that upset you I am sorry. I told nan what pop said to her and that she was so upset about it and I can't do any more then that.

I do like to see you and think it is a shame that you don't like to come to family events but at the same time I do understand.

heather said...

well insed of makeing everyone think she left becoz dave got mad coz she was drinking his grog you should have written what pop said to her coz thats why she got upset and left!. my reason for not going to family events (nan's house) is the same as jessi's.

Cheryl said...

What a thrill! Your Mum must be so proud of you, and what better occasion to get together.
Funny thing about family get togethers. They can bring out the worst in some people...
Good to catch up again.

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