Monday, 4 January 2010

The New Year and Tim's Family

Well the new year is here how did everyone see it in? I was in bed by 10.30pm went to bed after seeing the 10pm fireworks from my back yard, yes I said my back yard we are lucky enough to be able to watch them from our own yard I like sitting in my own yard in my nightie watching the fireworks. That way we have our own toilet and can go to bed straight afterwards if we like which I usually do, I'm not one for staying up late anymore a sign of my age I guess.

We had Tim's brother here that night and on New Years Day Tim took him into a mens hostel in town as he was fed up with him being here but both of us had the impression that he wanted to stay here but that was not going to happen. We do feel sorry for him but we do like having the house to our self now days.

We have never had much to do with Tim's family as they have always treated him terrible and I can't really be bothered with them. Tim's father told him years ago that he wasn't his son and to f off and not come back and we haven't. Apparently his brother Wayne isn't talking to his father either but Tim doesn't know why.

A few years ago Tim told me when he dies not to tell his family, I don't know what I am going to do when the time arrives.


yevisha said...

happy new year Jo-Anne, you really sound like you have the best possie for the fireworks. glad you had a good time and an early one is usually a good idea

Margaret D said...

Seems you enjoyed the fireworks, and you are indeed lucky to have such a good position.

oh my about your brother in law.
The saying is, the fish goes off after a few days...when someone is staying with you of course.

diane b said...

You lucky duck seeing the fireworks from your backyard.
It must be hard to be rejeted by your own family but in other ways you don't end up in family spats.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi All

Yep I do enjoy the fireworks and I am so glad that the my brother in-law is no longer here.