Wednesday 30 December 2009

Christmas Gifts

Well Christmas is over for another year, hope everyone had a good one like I did. Christmas day was hectic well the morning anyway didn't get lunch till 1.30pm the latest we have ever had Christmas lunch.

I got lots of great presents Kathy gave me a portable hard drive which I was thrilled with as I have wanted one for a while now. I also got a new watch from Tim (which I bought) as well as a lot of little things.

I gave Tim a $500 gift voucher from Harvey Norman which made him happy this is the first year I have been able to give Tim a decent presents as in past year I either didn't have the money or didn't know what to give him.

Christmas morning we had Leo here and it was great watching him open his presents he loved the $2 motor bikes he got from Santa most as he is into motor bikes at them moment, well motor bikes and trains.


  1. glad you had a good day. it's lovely watching little ones open their presents isn't it? :)

  2. happy to hear that you had an enjoyable Christmas and that you got some good loot.

  3. Yep some nice presents I am a lucky woman at times.


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